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5 Favorite Sunglasses + How I Display Them


One thing that’s for certain when you live in Southern California is the necessity for sunglasses. Since they’re a part of your everyday wardrobe, I feel you can never have too many. I wanted to share with you my 5 favorite pairs of sunglasses and how I put them on display so they’re easy to grab before I run out the door.

My 5 Favorite Sunglasses and How I Display My Sunglasses | Modish and Main

These days my eyes have become so sensitive to the sun that even on overcast, foggy mornings I still have to grab a pair sunglasses. I try whenever possible to purchase high-quality polarized lenses, but it never hurts to have a handful of inexpensive options that won’t make you collapse into a ball of tears if you lose them, forget them at a restaurant, have them stolen, drop them or a big wave knocks you over and they’re gone to the sea forever. All of these things have happened to me and ALL of them were with expensive pairs of sunglasses. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way.


Soy Braised Beef with a Tomato, Mint and Onion Salad


A delicious Asian inspired recipe made in the slow cooker! Try this soy braised beef with a tomato, mint and onion salad. | Modish and Main x Cambria Wines There is so much to love about this soy braised beef with a tomato, mint & onion salad recipe that I’m sharing with you in collaboration with Cambria Wines today. Let’s start with the fact that it’s super easy to make because the slow cooker does all the work. Secondly, as most Asian inspired dishes are, the soy braised beef goes great over a bed of jasmine rice or noodles.  Lastly, the beef tastes so delicious after simmering for 8 hours and it has just the perfect amount of spice.  There’s really not much to love about this recipe!

A delicious Asian inspired recipe made in the slow cooker! Try this soy braised beef with a tomato, mint and onion salad. | Modish and Main x Cambria Wines A delicious Asian inspired recipe made in the slow cooker! Try this soy braised beef with a tomato, mint and onion salad. | Modish and Main x Cambria Wines Of course, what great recipe doesn’t have an equally good glass of wine to go with it? We chose to pair the soy braised beef with Cambria Wines Tespusquet Vineyard Syrah because it’s bold, balanced flavors can handle the spicy protein, yet it’s still light enough to go with the tomato, mint & onion salad.


Why I’m Doing a Dry August


I’ll be honest, I’ve been eager for August 1st to arrive. My summer has been amazing, but from traveling to Vancouver, celebrating the 4th of July, a family vacation to Lake Tahoe and then my birthday …. it takes a toll on my body. That’s why I’m committing to a dry August. That’s right, 30 days without drinking.

Stagg Gooseneck Matte Black Kettle from Crate and Barrell | Modish and Main

Last August I got to this same point and did a dry August as well. The results felt amazing! Not only did I not consume ANY alcohol, but I made a serious commitment to kick ass in the gym and eat really healthy, nutritious meals.


Reflections on 33 : Day 1


Cue the Stevie Wonder song because you can bet this will be on repeat throughout the day tomorrow!

In just 24 hours  I came into this world determined to be fiercely independent from the get go. I have some amazing parents, pretty awesome brothers, a wonderful significant other and a slew of family & friends who’ve supported my stubborn ways along this crazy life journey.

Here’s my final reflection leading up to my 33rd Birthday.

Day 1 : Live Life to the Fullest (but Seriously)

Celebrating my 33rd Birthday! Peace, Love & Party Balloon | Modish and Main

Celebrating my 33rd Birthday! Peace, Love & Party Balloon | Modish and Main

Read all 7 days of reflections here ⇢ Day 7 | Day 6 | Day 5 | Day 4 | Day 3 | Day 2 


Reflections on 33 : Day 2


Things change when you enter your 30’s. Your priorities shift & the things that once seemed so important take a backseat to other pressing matters such as family, career, time spent with loved ones, etc. It’s part of the natural evolution of aging and as much as you want to avoid it, it’s going to happen whether you embrace it or not.

With the rise of digital media we are constantly bombarded with beautiful imagery. Unfortunately, far too often we get caught up in the comparison game when viewing those images and begin to cast self-doubt upon ourselves simply because we don’t look like what we did back at 22 or what we see everyday come across our screens. On top of that we have the body shamers offering up unsolicited advice that make us want to crawl back into our baggiest sweatpants, curl up on the couch with an entire bag of popcorn and simply say SCREW IT!


Reflections on 33 : Day 3


Anyone else feel like when the actual week of your birthday finally arrives that the final few days go by so slowly? I’m eager for Thursday to arrive so I can celebrate with friends, but I somehow have to find a way to stay focused and get some work done in the meantime.

As a woman, an entrepreneur, a friend and a citizen of this world now more than ever we should be lifting one another up and spreading positivity. I feel like we are bombarded with constant negativity in the news and playing the comparison game on social media, but what we should be doing is asking ourselves “what is one thing I can do today that spreads kindness, happiness or shows support?”


Reflections on 33 : Day 4


The countdown is on! Let’s be real though, I think birthday’s should be celebrated the entire month. July is all mine & I’ve always loved it even as a kid because I was on summer break. That’s not quite so easy an adult to pull off, but summertime certainly has it’s perks.

When it comes to celebrating my birthday, I seek simpler things. I don’t need anything extravagant besides good friends/family, my pup and a cocktail in my hand. For my 30th a small group of us went camping up in Big Sur where we locked our phones in the glove box because we had no service and running water meant placing a jug on top of stacked coolers. Our days were spent playing bocce ball or frisbee tag on the beach and a good game of Phase 10. Quite honestly, it’s probably my favorite birthday ever. I loved the companionship enjoyed over the small things in life.


Reflections On 33 : Day 5


Alright we’re just 5 short days away from turning yet another year older and if you haven’t read my reflections from Day 7 and Day 6 yet, go read those first. For those of you that have known me since I was a little kid or even throughout high school, college and within the past 10 years have known that I’ve always danced to the beat of my own drum.

I was the girl who ONLY wanted to play with the boys, had a bowl cut, wouldn’t play volleyball because I refused to wear spandex, dated the bad boys, moved across the country to California 2 weeks after graduating college, moved to Houston without ever visiting the state of Texas, and have been in a relationship for almost 10 years where we have no immediate intentions to get married and plan on remaining kidless. I like to think if Oprah doesn’t have to be married & is without kids, then darn it, so can I.