Organized Smoothie Cabinet


Do you ever have one of those “aha” moments that you wish you would have had 2 years ago? With the amount of smoothies, açai bowls, yogurt parfaits and chia seed bowls I make in a week, it was about time that I created an organized smoothie cabinet.

How to create an organized smoothie cabinet in your kitchen. | Modish and Main

Here’s what my semi-organized kitchen situation used to be like. The Vitamix was in one cabinet, the protein powder and greens powder in another cabinet (on the opposite side of the kitchen), the almond milk and frozen berries were obviously in the fridge/freezer and then my toppings were in another cabinet (also known as the healthy baking cabinet). In all honestly, each of those cabinets were very organized, but my layout wasn’t efficient.


Mountain West Fall Road Trip


Planning a Mountain West fall road trip through Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. Cannot. Contain. My. Excitement!!!

On Saturday I’m flying to Montana to meet up with my brother, Ryan, for a 7 day Mountain West fall road trip through Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. This girl can’t wait to get in the wilderness, breathe in the air of the big pines, relax amongst the lakes and rivers and hopefully get a first hand view of wild animals (elk, moose, bear, bison, wolves …. I’ll take them all!).

Our tentative plan is that we are starting in Missoula, MT and heading east through Helena and into Billings. Unfortunately we aren’t able to head north to Glacier National Park, but we are then heading south through Beartooth Pass into Wyoming and the start of Yellowstone National Park. After we explore lots of lots of this area, we’ll continue south into the Grand Tetons and stay in Jackson Hole, WY. I’ve been eager to get to Jackson Hole for years now, so I’m pretty excited about this stop. Then we’ll head east towards Casper, WY with stops in between and ultimately head due south towards Colorado where we’ll be making pit stops at hot springs, more mountain ranges and anything cool in between. I’ve got a long list of “things to see” that my brother doesn’t know about. LOL


Farmers Market Flatbread with Prosciutto and Veggies


Raise your hand if you’re like me and could eat pizza/flatbreads multiple times a week! I feel like I outdid myself with this super delicious farmers market flatbread topped with prosciutto and veggies. It turned out like a little taste of heaven.

Dinner is served with this delicious farmers market flatbread topped with prosciutto and veggies and served alongside a crisp, refreshing glass of Benchbreak Chardonnay. Dinner is served with this delicious farmers market flatbread topped with prosciutto and veggies and served alongside a crisp, refreshing glass of Benchbreak Chardonnay. Lots of times the inspiration I get for a new recipe generally stems from what produce is currently in season. Fall is especially my favorite because I love savory foods, and a quick trip to the farmers market to grab some fruits and veggies that are in harvest is all you need to make this flatbread.

I can already imagine what you’re thinking, rosemary sprigs, shaved brussel sprouts, pear, mushrooms and prosciutto all on a flatbread? Yep and the combination of ingredients work SO WELL together, especially when combined with fresh buffalo mozzarella and a homemade balsamic glaze.

Style & Beauty

My Everyday Mostly Natural Skincare Products


Today I’m taking you into my bathroom and sharing a peek at my everyday “mostly natural” skincare products. I’ve stuck with this arsenal of products for over 2 years now and in combination with going dairy-free,  my skin has never looked better.

Take a peek inside my medicine cabinet to see my everyday "almost natural" line up of skincare products that I use on a daily basis. | Modish and Main

It was about 3 years ago that I was fed up and frustrated with how terrible my skin looked. I had sporadic cystic acne, it looked dull, I was constantly having to use concealer to hid blemishes and wouldn’t even dream of going makeup-less for the day. That’s when I picked up Skin Cleanse by Adina GrigoreQuite honestly, this book changed my entire perspective about skincare, but most importantly it opened my eyes to what could be causing my cystic acne that I was so embarrassed about. Without going into a big tirade because you should read the book for yourself, but here in America we DO NOT regulate the skincare / beauty industry as to what chemicals can be put into our products and how they can get away with using slogans such as “all-natural” or “dermatologist recommended” marketing tactics.


Santa Maria Grilled Chicken with Roasted Tomato Salad


A delicious and flavorful Santa Maria grilled chicken recipe with a roasted tomato salad. Healthy recipe on Cambria Wines blog.

I am so thankful for the day that I was introduced to Santa Maria barbecue! If I remember right, I believe we were on a road trip heading north through the Central Coast and we stopped in the Santa Ynez area to grab lunch. I ordered the tri-tip and thought I had died and gone to food heaven. Fast forward 8-9 years and any chance we get, we love to incorporate that flavor into some of our favorite recipes like this Santa Maria grilled chicken with roasted tomato salad.

If you ask me, chicken is tough meat to cook right without it getting dry. What we’ve learned along the way is it’s all about the dry rub and having just the right amount of skills on the grill. Thankfully this recipe for the Santa Maria grilled chicken served with a roasted tomato salad is incredibly easy and it’s best served community style just like they did in the ranching days.

Style & Beauty

Fall Style in Overalls


The whole concept of fall style doesn’t usually apply to us here in SoCal for another month or two, especially when we’re currently experiencing an abnormal heat wave. None the less, we’re persistent to jump into cozy knits, ankle booties or my new favorite thing, overalls.

Fall style with the Fossil Campbell crossbody and denim overalls. | Modish and Main

That’s right, I’ve jumped on board and my go-to fall style is overalls. Like most anything these days, old trends are making a comeback and this is one that I’m loving. The overall style has been majorly updated. Gone are the  baggy, frumpy styles that we saw 20 years ago. I was lucky enough to be in Wisconsin all last week where fall weather rolled in and I got plenty of use out of them.


Life Lately 2.0


Anyone else having a hard time believing that it’s already September, Labor Day weekend is officially behind us and fall is just around the corner? I’ve been in Wisconsin for the past week keeping  myself plenty busy with family photoshoots, lots of play-time with the pups and a trip to the condo at the lake. It was everything I love about Wisconsin, but I’m definitely eager to head back to California tomorrow as I’ve got a ton of projects that need my attention!

Life Lately 2.0 - House full of golden retrievers. | Modish and Main
The family dogs — Gigi, Dexie, Gracie and Jackson

I photographed a few families out at the Schumacher farm in Waunakee (my hometown) and loved this big red barn on the property. Check out some of the sneak peeks from our sessions on my Modish Digital Facebook page!

Dog Days

Dog Days : Homemade Sweet Potato Dog Biscuits


Can I be honest? I never did understand the slogan, “the dog days of summer?”  Is it supposed to mean that the summer days are slowing down like our dogs are starting to get lazy? What if we have a dog that seems to never slow down? Does the slogan then mean it’s when summer is at it’s best? See what I mean, it’s a very confusing saying, but none the less it’s one of my favorite topics here on the blog!

Dog Days of August with Wayfair | Homemade Sweet Potato Dog Biscuits by Modish and Main

As the obsessive dog lover that I am, I really can’t believe it’s taken me so long to make my own dog treats. I pretty much cater to Dexie and prop her on pedestal, but never took the time to make her a special treat. We did celebrate her 9th birthday last week and that was just the push I needed to get in the kitchen! When it comes to her dog food,  I want to ensure it’s not filled with unnecessary additives and the same goes for her treats (we’ve all heard the horror stories of the dog food industry). Here’s the good news, you’ll never have to worry about it again after making a batch of these homemade sweet potato dog biscuits.