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Summer Beauty Necessities


Update your summer beauty necessities with all-natural Whish Beauty products.

Summer beauty necessities with all-natural Whish Beauty products | Modish and Main

From weeklong vacations to weekends around the pool, barbecues with friends and concerts under the stars, I’ve got my summer beauty necessities that take me from day to night. Always of importance to me is finding beauty products that are utilizing all-natural ingredients and are effective with what they’re designed to do. When I saw that Whish Beauty natural skin care products were using ingredients such as organic aloe, organic shea butter, yarrow extract, bearberry extract, manuka honey, and organic green tea, I was eager to upgrade my summer beauty necessities.

Summer beauty necessities with all-natural Whish Beauty products | Modish and Main

Summertime fun consists of wearing cute dresses, denim shorts, afternoons in swimsuits splashing around the pool and lots of sandals. Now that I’m entering my mid-30’s, I find it important to have a healthy balance of time spent in the sun with a little faux glow. Now that I’ve got my arsenal of summer beauty necessities including a CC Body Cream, Correcting Gel, Self Tanner and Exfoliating Foot Mask, I’m feeling more confident than ever!


Modish Wanderer Turns One


It’s hard to believe that it was over a year and half ago that we started to conceptualize the idea of starting a lifestyle adventure brand that reflected my love for being outdoors. I am so proud to say that today Modish Wanderer turns ONE and I couldn’t be more excited knowing that there are people all over the country wearing our apparel and product designs!

Modish Wanderer Turns One | Modish and Main

It’s such an amazing feeling to announce to the world that you’ve launched your own brand and it be received by so many of you with open arms (and wallets!). This past year has been an incredible journey of taking Modish Wanderer on adventures from a road trip throughout the Pacific Northwest, Lake Tahoe, Wisconsin, the hiking trails of Montana, Wyoming and Colorado and even to the ski mountains of Beaver Creek.


10 Ways You Can Positively Impact the Planet Today


Today is Earth Day and I wanted to share with you 10 ways you can positively impact the planet starting today.

10 Ways You Can Positively Impact the Planet with Sustainable, Eco-Conscious Efforts | Earth Day | Modish and Main

When I think back on what Earth Day has always meant to me growing up, I’m reminded that we participated in planting trees or raised funds to plant trees but that was the extent of how Earth Day related to me. This past year I have really been committed to learning more about the state of our planet and that without EVERYONE making even the smallest of changes, we are doing some serious damage for future generations to come.

The days of saying, “oh I’m just one person or a single household and us not recycling isn’t really going to make a difference.” Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Americans are obsessed with using plastic water bottles and the average person uses over 150 per year and only recycles about 30. That’s just one person on average.


How to Use a Desktop Background Organizer + Free Download


Sharing how to use a desktop background organizer, plus a free download.

If there is one thing that’s sure to get my anxiety to rise it’s catching sight of a cluttered and disorganized computer desktop background. We’ve all been there, where we download things from the internet or store oodles of pictures all over our desktop. (I lie, I actually have never done that because my mind literally cannot handle the mess.)

I’ve always kept my desktop background really minimal and just haven’t really resorted to ever storing anything there. It wasn’t until about a year ago that I started creating my own desktop backgrounds where I could drag things to those areas on my screen and keep them organized and readily accessible. I thought it was finally time to share how to use a desktop background organizer (plus there’s a free download for your own at the end of this post) so you to can feel the calm.


Time to Relax + Giveaway


Give yourself permission to unwind and take time to relax. Your mind and body need it and will thank you!

Allow yourself time to relax with a pampering spa bath with Love your Bath & Body products. | Modish and Main

Something I really focused on last year and still putting into practice this year is allowing myself time to relax.

When someone asks you, “Hey, how are you doing?”   Is your response, “Oh I’m good, just really busy.”

Here’s the truth — we’re all really busy, just in our own ways. From the entrepreneurs, managers, side-hustlers, stay-at-home mom’s and dream seekers, we’re all busy. It just looks different between each person and each situation.

I want my response to that question to be answered, “Thank you for asking! Work is really great and I’ve been enjoying time outdoors and even finding time to relax with a good book and a glass of wine. How are you doing?”


How To Organize Your Spice Drawer


This is the year to tidy up and we’re starting with how to organize your spice drawer.

How to Organize Your Spice Drawer with Glass Jars and Chalk Labels | Modish and Main

I’m willing to bet that a lot of us are similar in that we have a drawer or cabinet somewhere in the kitchen that is filled with a bountiful amount of mismatched spice jars that results in a bit of a scavenger hunt everytime we go to  prepare a meal. Yes, even me, the obsessive organizer, had a spice drawer that was in disarray. I didn’t intend for it to accumulate into a mess, but once I started creating recipes for the blog and other websites, my “system” went down the drain (let’s be clear, it wasn’t a good system to begin with).


Time to Rest and Refocus


Without intentionally doing so, I took a month off from writing on the blog to allow myself time to rest and refocus.

Time to Rest and Refocus in the New Year | Modish and Main

Leading up to the holidays, I worked well in advance on my client projects so that while I was back home in Wisconsin for 10 days, I could truly be present to enjoy time with my family. The beauty of entrepreneurship is that you’re able to have flexibility in your schedule and allow yourself to prioritize tasks, appointments, self care and family as you see fit.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t worry about creating content for the blog. I never want to push content just for the sake of having something fresh & new without there being a real passion behind it. This is a place where I strive to bring you posts that I truly care about and come from a place of authenticity. Sure, I could try and come up with content for 5 posts a week, but I know my heart would only be in 1-2 of them. The principle of quality over quantity comes into play here.


Prosciutto Penne with Spinach and Mahón-Menorca Cheese


Enjoy this savory dinner recipe of prosciutto penne with spinach and Mahón-Menorca cheese.

Prosciutto Penne with Sautéed Spinach and Mahón-Menorca Cheese Dinner Recipe | Modish and Main

Have you ever created a recipe that turned out so delicious you ended up texting multiple people that you’re a culinary genius? Not to toot my own horn, but this might be one of the tastiest pasta dishes I’ve had outside of cacio é pepe in Rome, Italy.  This prosciutto penne with sauteed spinach and grated Mahón-Menorca cheese is every bit salty, peppery and carb loaded.

The key ingredient to this dish is the Mahón-Menorca cheese. Holy smokes this cheese is outrageously delicious. It comes from the island of Menorca which is off the coast of Spain. Picture free grazing cattle on family farms dating way back where they still use ancient practices to create their authentic Mahón-Menorca cheese. (seriously, look at the water surrounding this island!)