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1 Year into Home Ownership


I cannot believe that 1 year ago we were given the keys to a brand new house that would be ours for the taking.

Homeownership 1 Year Later | Modish and Main

I must say, I was never the girl that dreamt of owning her own home & solidifying my place in the realm of what responsible adults do. I always had this nomadic tendency and have never lived longer than 19 months in a single place since I was 18 years old. In case you weren’t aware, I’m 31 and this is just simply not ok!

Once I left my family home to go off to college, I have just been on this trend of jumping from place to place, city to city and although it was a pain in the butt to do the actual move, I always loved someplace new. I get bored very quickly and simply enjoy the idea that I wasn’t locked down into living somewhere and could pick up, pack up and be onto a new adventure.

I still have another 9 months to go to break my current record, but since we decided to purchase a home rather than rent it… the odds are in my favor! I would be lying if I said that I haven’t been tempted to put the house on the market and go trying living in THAT house a few miles down THAT road. Thankfully, my partner-in-crime in life is the complete opposite of me in this sense and has kept me grounded from my wild dreams.

The thing of it is, I absolutely adore our house. I truly feel that in the past 12 months we’ve really taken it from a house to a comfortable, inviting, cozy home. My favorite thing about being a homeowner is that I can put a hole in the wall wherever I want, hang things at my hearts desire and simply be as creative as we’d like to be. I LOVE not having the restrictions of a rental property and it makes my heart sing with all the potential projects I want to do around here.

Besides having a mortgage payment and property taxes, I have nothing to complain about in terms of the house needing repairs and such because it was a new build and it came with a 1 year warranty that we used to our full advantage! So far it’s just been sunshine and daisies entering this new home ownership gig.

Let’s take a look back at some of the home tours and fun DIY projects we’ve completed in the past year!

Floating Industrial Shelving from Restoration Hardware — 

Floating Industrial Shelving | Restoration Hardware

Built My Own Desk from Butcher Block — 

DIY Butcher Block Desk | Modish and Main

Created a Chalkboard Measuring Cabinet — 

DIY Chalkboard Measuring Cabinet | Modish and Main

Showcased a Tour of my Dining Room — 

Restoration Hardware 1900s Boulangerie Rustic Wood Dining Table | Modish and Main

A Closer Look at Our Rolling Bar Cart — 

Wood Bar Cart | TJ Maxx | Modish and Main Dining Room Home Tour

Created My Own Homemade Essential Oil Candles — 

DIY Essential Oils Candles | Modish and Main

We Installed Our Own Stainless Steel Mosaic Backsplash — 

Stainless Steel Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash | Modish and Main

Organized a Pet Area Near the Front Entryway — 

Pet Home Decor | Modish and Main

Installed Rollout Drawers Throughout Our Kitchen — 


Kitchen Pantry Organization | Modish and Main

Created a Mini Garden Out of a Vintage Industrial Sewing Bin — 

DIY Herb Garden | Modish and Main

Built Custom Shelves for My Home Office — 

DIY Industrial Wood Office Shelving | Modish and Main

Gave a Home Tour of Our Kitchen — 

Industrial Inspired White Kitchen Home Tour | Modish and Main

Added DIY Wood Planks to an Area in the Master Bathroom — 

DIY Rustic Wood Accent Wall | Modish and Main

Added Pops of Color to the Front Porch

Colorful Front Porch Design | #Wayfair | Modish and Main

Showcased the Design of our Back Patio — 

Designing a Small Patio | Modish and Main

Created an Organized Jewelry System — 

DIY Jewelry Organizing Wall | Modish and Main

and Shared How I Decorate the House for Fall — 

Fall Home Decor | Modish and Main

I hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve done so far to the house and expect a lot more to continue to happen throughout the next year!

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    1. Awww thanks Aisha! You and Sam are welcome ANYTIME at our home.

      The bracelet holder I scored at the flea market from this gentleman who makes them by hand with driftwood he finds at the beach. I’ll keep an eye out for him next time I go!

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