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3 Years with My Rescue Dog


Bringing a rescue dog into my life 3 years ago was the best decision I’ve ever made & I wanted to share with all of you the experience we’ve had along the way.

Dexie, Golden Retriever Rescue | Modish and Main

As many of you know, I’ve grown up with Golden Retrievers my entire life. They’re an extension of our family  & will forever own a large piece of my heart. When I decided to get a Golden Retriever of my own here on the west coast, I decided to forgo getting a puppy and looked to the rescue organization, SCGRR, that I had been supporting for years.

From the little we knew about Dexie’s previous life was that she was likely used to breed 1-2 litters of puppies and was neglected the remainder of the time as she wasn’t spayed, covered with fleas and matted fur. What we saw when we first met her was a loving dog that simply wanted the reciprocated attention from equally loving owners. She was often very anxious, played little with toys and knew very little commands. Yet, I had an instant bond with her that quickly amounted to a “velcro” like connection with her. I was determined to show her that she was a dog deserving of love, attention and a great life ahead.

Dexie, English Golden Retriever Rescue | Modish and Main

Over the past 3 years Dexie’s true personality has really come to shine. Gone are the days where she was timid and shy. Now she has an abundance of toys & treats (thanks to Barkbox & Chewy!) and loves to play tug-of-war with her floppy stuffed animals. She makes me laugh daily when she lays on her back in the middle of the living room and wiggles her bootie all while checking to see if I’m watching.

Golden Retriever Rescue | Modish and Main #goldenretriever

Dexie, English Golden Retriever

Beach Day with Dexie // Modish and Main

Some might say I’ve formed a special bond with my sweet golden girl, but in my eyes I don’t know how to love this animal any differently. She truly lights up my day as I look forward to our morning walks, the ritual we have come feeding time or when I can tell that she’s looking for a little extra play time. She’s literally my shadow wherever I go throughout the house.  I can’t use the bathroom without her starring at me, she lays under my feet while I’m at my desk each day and checks on me often throughout the night just to be sure I haven’t gone anywhere. The thing is, I look for her in my life equally as much. I hate going to bed when she’s still downstairs and let’s not even get started how I feel when I have to drop her off at doggie camp for a few nights.

Rescuing a dog isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do. We often don’t know the details of their past, are working against behaviors set in motion for a number of years and simply the unknown. Since Dexie has come into my life, my parents have also decided to rescue 3 Golden Retrievers and they are simply the best dogs anyone could ask for. If you’re willing to give them your heart they’ll repay it ten-fold.

Dexie, Golden Retriever Rescue | Modish and Main {golden retriever}

Dexie, Golden Retriever Rescue Dog | Modish and Main

Dexie, Golden Retriever Rescue | Modish and Main

Golden Retriever Rescue Dog | Modish and Main #goldenretriever

If I dare say, I may be more attached to this dog that I rescued when she was 4 years old then I have ever been to one of our puppies. That’s not to say that I didn’t love all of our dogs in the past with all of my heart, but Dexie has found a way to come into my life and bring me unconditional love that I’ll repay each & every day of her life.

There are so many of these beautiful stories sitting in shelters or waiting to be rescued through amazing organizations like Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue. Give yourself and one of these dogs a chance to win your heart.

Dexie, Golden Retriever Rescue and Kristin of Modish and Main


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  1. Much love to you & Dexie! She is such a lovely, sweet dog. So glad I could capture some these timeless photographs to enjoy for a lifetime. They are some of my favs from that collection. I look forward to adopting soon! Big Hugs!

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