31 Days of Cheer with PAPYRUS


We are just 23 days from Christmas!! How did this happen? Don’t get me wrong, I love when it turns officially December and there is no excuse to not have your holiday decor on display, cookies in the oven, champagne a popping and lots of time spent with family & friends. I teamed up with PAPYRUS to Celebrate the Holidays with 31 Days of Cheer.

[Infographic] 31 Days of Cheer

A selection of bloggers submitted ideas that could be done throughout the month of December to spread cheer in even the littlest of ways. You’ll have to wait and see which days are ideas submitted by me, but I highly encourage you to save this image, print it out if you’d like and try to participate when you can!

I played along with Day 1 and shared my answers to my 5 Favorite Things about Winter on Twitter yesterday.


Have a very Happy Holidays and make sure to spread some joy!

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