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I love to get crafty when it comes time to give gifts, plan events, etc. Being crafty often means having lots of little products and materials that can quickly turn from pretty to a chaotic mess. Generally, when you have to dig for your items you tend to be less inspired to get creative.

I’ve always been complimented on my handwriting and often use markers and pens to personalize a gift, create art and even when organizing throughout the house.  As you may know, not all markers are created equal and there are an abundance of colors to choose from. Therefore, I have quite a selection of Sharpie markers in varying sizes and I needed to find a way to keep them organized, but have them pretty accessible as well.

As a member of Birchbox, I receive these great craft boxes each month (they also have started to send really fun prints) containing my beauty products. These have become my go-to source for organizing the small things around my home.

Big Sharpie Markers Box Using Birchbox box

They are slim in profile and the perfect size for markers. I used a large chalkboard label to cover the Birchbox logo and some pretty gold letter stickers I found at Michael’s to create an appealing, yet large label that will be easy to find.

Big Sharpies Box

Storing my markers in these boxes allows me to quickly see all of my colors & it doesn’t take up much space. I created both a big & small box to keep my Sharpie markers separated.

Big & Small Sharpie Boxes

Thin Sharpie Markers

Big Sharpie Markers

Now when I get inspired to get crafty or creative, like I did for my friend Holly’s 30th birthday gift, I can easily grab my organized set of markers and get to work.

Do you re-purpose a certain item within your house to keep yourself organized? How about organizing your craft goods? I love ideas!!

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