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Let’s talk about fitness (or my lack thereof).

You may have already seen the abundance of Activity / Fitness Tracking devices available on the market these days. It’s a pretty cool concept that from just a wristband or a gadget clipped to your shorts it can tell you not only how many steps you’ taken, but how long you’ve been active (or inactive) and sets up achievable goals for you. I spent some time doing some research on the top available devices that might help you narrow down your choices if you’re looking for one!

Activity Trackers // Modish and Main

Samsung Gear Fit — $150 — First note, you need to own a Samsung mobile device in order for this to sync with your phone and enable its full capabilities. This monitors your activities 24/7, including your heart rate and it’s water resistant. Once bluetooth enabled with your mobile phone, you can reject/accept calls, quick reply to texts and set alarms. 

FitBit Flex — $100 — This is an activity and sleep tracker that syncs wirelessly to your bluetooth enabled devices (smartphones, tablets, etc). It’s water resistant and has available changeable wristbands. It tracks your steps, distance, calories and overall activity level by LED lights that increase throughout the day. It links to the MyFitnessPal app that helps track your calorie intake & pushes you to reach your goal faster. It also has a silent alarm that will wake you up peacefully and not your partner. Reviews have said that it’s not the easiest thing to get on at first. 

*Note — my sister-in-law has a FitBit Flex and absolutely loves it with no complaints. 

Nike + FuelBand — start at $100 — These fitness trackers start around $100 and vary in price upwards of $200 depending on size and available specs. It does come in 3 sizes (small, medium/large, extra large) and tracks your calories, steps, time, goals and more. It syncs with the Nike +FuelBand app to log your daily activity. This did receive numerous poor reviews due to the technology failing. 

*They just recently came out with a Nike + FuelBand Gold that would sure look good on anyone’s wrist!

Garmin VivoFit — $130 — This monitors not only your steps, calories, heart rate, but also your sleep. It displays a move bar that becomes red when you’ve been inactive for 1 hour. It also sets a daily personal goal each morning, is water resistant and comes with an extremely long battery life. It syncs wirelessly with Garmin Connect, their online fitness community. Reviews did indicate that the wristband falls off easily. 

Polar Loop — $110 — This device tracks any movement you make throughout the day, including steps, riding the waves and even when you’ve been sitting at your desk too long. The Polar Flow app is your daily log to track your activity and see how close you are to achieving your goal. It is water resistant, tells the time, but plan on having to charge the battery after 5 full days of use. Also, you can upgrade your device to include a heart rate monitor, but that’ll cost you at least $60 additional bucks. 

MisFit Shine — $100 + Accessories — The MisFit device tracks your daily movements from walking, swimming, cycling and even your sleep. It comes as a clipp-able device with available accessories ranging from stylish wristbands to necklaces. You’ve probably seen this device on the latest Apple commercials where she places a “disk” onto her iPhone that logs her activity.  It is definitely the most sleek design & when worn doesn’t stand out as a “fitness tracker.” 

UP 24 by Jawbone — $150 — The slim bracelet design tracks your movement during the day and while you sleep, and the App displays your results. Cool feature — when sleeping, you can set an alarm to wake you peacefully and aim for a powernap where it’ll wake you when you recovered the most. There is an $80 device but it does not sync wirelessly and doesn’t have quite as many features. It’s available in 3 sizes and the website provides a measuring chart so you can be sure to get the right fit. 

I’m asking for an Activity Tracker for my birthday that’s coming up at the end of the month. I’m leaning towards a FitBit Flex wristband or the Garmin VivoFit. FitBit has an entire line of activity trackers available from wristbands to clips and even a scale. I love the idea of being able to simply see how much you’re moving in a day (or moving too much at night) and can log your steps towards you overall fitness/health goals.

FitBit Activity Trackers

FitBit Flex // FitBit One // FitBit Zip // FitBit Aria 

Do any of you own an activity tracker and how do you like it? I’d love to hear your thoughts before I start using one!

Keep Living a Stylized Life. 

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