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In participating with The B Bar’s monthly post linkup, I’m answering the question as to what was the most invaluable purchase I made last year. I’ll be honest, I didn’t have to think long and hard about this because they were starring at me as they laid right by the front door ready to be used again and again. I have some serious love for my neon green Nike Dual Fusion Run 3.

Neon Green Nike Dual Fusion Running Shoes | Modish and Main

Ok ok… you’re probably thinking, “Seriously, she chose running shoes as the purchase she couldn’t live without?”  I most definitely could have answered my new home, but in my eyes, that has some serious value! To me, these are not just bright green sneakers. They represent a lifestyle and a mood. There’s no being in a bad mood when you decide to slip on the brightest pair of shoes in the whole neighborhood. In addition, since rescuing Dexie just over 2 years ago and having the privilege of working from home, we take 2-3 walks daily. I need a pair of shoes that can’t just hide in the corner & be overlooked. I need to be active for not only Dexie’s sake, but mine as well.

For a long while, I couldn’t work out in a traditional fashion of hitting up the gym or going for serious runs in the neighborhood. With the back injury I have, it’s taken quite a bit of time to be where I’m at today. So for me, these shoes represent my happy place and that’s invaluable.

Neon Green Nike Dual Fusion Running Shoes | Modish and Main

Neon Green Nike Dual Fusion Running Shoes | Modish and Main

Neon Green Nike Dual Fusion Running Shoes | Modish and Main

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22 comments on “An Invaluable Purchase”

  1. As someone finally getting back into the consistent workout routine after seven years of ups and downs, I completely understand! I really like the sneaks. Now I’m thinking I could use a new pair…:)

  2. Love your best purchase of 2014! They are some seriously cute sneakers. 🙂 In 2013, my boyfriend gave me a treadmill for my birthday. At first it didn’t seem like an exciting gift, but he also signed us up for a marathon to go along with it. Running a marathon was always a bucket list of mine and to have him not only support me in it by gifting me a treadmill, but sign up for it himself was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. Your running shoes remind me of that experience!

  3. Oooooh, these are so pretty! I love them. I just started running again last week after a bad back and some really horrible balance issues that resulted in major surgery. Running is not necessarily something I love to do, but it does represent a freedom and an ability to survive! I think its fantastic that you chose your shoes for this question!

  4. I have the same shoes in a different color and TOTALLY understand why their your favorite purchase. Every time I wear mine I feel like I’m floating on a cloud. They could, quite possibly be the most comfortable pair of running shoes I’ve ever owned.

  5. Adore the color! I was sidelined before Christmas with an injury and I *cannot* wait to be cleared for action again. I think a new awesome pair of shoes may have to come along to celebrate too, don’t you?

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