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One of my favorite things to do to unwind, relax and clear the mind before bed is to read. I’ve always been a “reader” since I was little and probably got in that habit from my Mom. I generally read in bed for about a half hour to forty-five minutes and that usually does the trick to send me off into la-la land.

The other night I just finished reading ‘Beach Rental’ by Grace Greene. It took me about 4 nights to read, so it’s pretty light-hearted and has an easy-to-read flow to it. It’s a story of survival coupled with unexpected romance in the most untraditional of ways.

Book Review // Beach Rental by Grace Greene

I particularly enjoyed how well the Author, Grace Greene, described the characters and brought them to life with their emotions, conflicts and anguish. Books are like movies to me, only better. I need to be able to create a “picture” in my head of what the story looks like just as if I were seeing it on the big screen. In this book, you should have no trouble building a picturesque image of a coastal beach town in North Carolina.

I would say that the novel didn’t play enough on unpredictability. I could often foresee what was coming next or ultimately what the end result would be. I was a bit disappointed in that portion of the storyline as I was hoping to be proven wrong with a dramatic twist or unexpected plot line.

Overall though, the storyline flows incredibly easy & before you know it you’ve read 75 pages and are eager to pick up where you left off again the next night.

If you’ve read ‘Beach Rental’ already, please share what your thoughts on the book were and would you recommend it yourself? If you haven’t read it yet, it’s only $3.99 on Kindle and will be the perfect read while lounging at the pool, the beach or in your bed. Enjoy!

– Kristin

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