Can It Get Any Better?


If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (and even my Modish & Main facebook page) you probably noticed my excitement regarding E! showing a Sex & the City all-day marathon yesterday celebrating 15 years since it all started.

Sex & the City Watching

As with many, many women …. I am a loyal fan of the show owning all the seasons and both movies (seeing them opening night of course!). It’s a blend of embracing the evolution of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda & Charlotte as well as the incredible topics & storylines that were the first of their kind and without a doubt, a fan of the fashion.

Sex and the City

Assuming you’ve had this conversation many times with your girlfriends over the years, which character do you most resemble?

Sex & the City CharactersCharlotte // Carrie // Miranda // Samantha

I wouldn’t say that I am entirely one character tried & true, but I’d like to think I most resemble Carrie. I would agree that I like to see my money hanging in my closet and cling to my independence but love my relationship.

Aidan or Big? Well …. Aidan sounds great on paper but Big was the real deal with all his imperfections.

I could continue this marathon through the weekend, but I’ve got to get some work done! I’ll keep you posted if I do so you can join in on the fun!

– Kristin

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