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Inspired by Meg Biram’s fitness post introducing me to the Charity Miles App, I wanted to get moving and give back to a good cause … all at the same time!  It’s as simple as downloading the app, creating a user profile and lacing up your favorite sneakers. Did I mention that you never have to open up your wallet either?!?!

Before you begin your walk, run, or bike ride, open the app on your smart phone & select a participating charitable organization. There are over 26 to choose from!

Charity Miles App // Fitness for a Good Cause

Bikers earn 10¢ a mile and walkers/runners earn 25¢ a mile.

Charity Miles App // Fitness for a Good Cause

As you get moving, you can see exactly what you’re giving back to the organization you’ve selected. This week, I choose to walk for ASPCA  and helped donate puppy & kitten vaccinations by simply doing what I do every day … walking the dog!

Charity Miles App // Fitness for a Good Cause

Walking for a Good Cause with the Charity Miles App // New Balance Shoes

This pretty little face won’t let me forget to get moving each morning, afternoon and night!

Walking the dog for a good cause with the Charity Miles App #goldenretriever

Fitness - Take Your Dog For a Walk

One of my favorite parts of utilizing the Charity Miles App is the ability to join a team. Not only does it help motivate you to get moving, but it’s inspiring to belong to a group of people committed towards giving back! Join me on #TEAMMODISH, as well as team #GSD (get shit done) that Meg Biram created.

Charity Miles App // #TEAMMODISH

Since I took this picture yesterday, my brother “got moving” and logged over 2 miles today snowshoeing back in Wisconsin with the dogs! That definitely means I have no excuse to get walking.

Charity Miles App // #TEAMMODISH

Walking for a Good Cause with the Charity Miles App // New Balance Shoes

New Balance Shoes from Nordstrom Rack(similar options here)

As a reminder, here are the simple steps to help give back this year & get healthy!

  1. On App Store, search Charity Miles (it’s free!)
  2. Download to your smartphone
  3. Open Charity Miles app and create user profile
  4. Join a Team (#TEAMMODISH)
  5. Select your charity for today’s walk, run or bike ride
  6. … and Get Moving!

Have a great weekend!

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