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Color Crush // Coral


It’s no secret by now that I have a serious color crush on coral. It’s the perfect mix between red and orange, touches on the perfect sunset, enhances a summer tan and can take an outfit from so-so to just right.

Wearing Kendra Scott Danielle Coral Earrings

Color Crush // Coral1. DV by Dolce Vita Lace Dress // 2. Pretty Flowers // 3. Design Sponge at Home Decor Book // 4. Essie Haute as Hello // 5. Nordstrom Jacket // 6. LOFT Stone Necklace // 7. Kate Spade Watch // 8. Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings // 9. The Cambridge Satchel Co. Handbag // 10. C. Wonder Lacquer Box

Slowly but surely I’m incorporating coral into my home décor with accessories, added a refurbished flea market find into a great porch accent table and my Dad built me an AMAZING laundry room riser for the washer & dryer that got the final touch with coral paint! (at first he thought I wanted to paint it blue because he thought, well coral comes from the ocean so it must be … thanks for the laugh Dad!)

I’m thinking a piece of furniture inside the house is next!

Ivy and Vine Coral Dresser
Photo Courtesy of Ivy and Vine
DIY Coral Dresser
Photo Courtesy of Sarah M. Dorsey Designs
Coral Breakfast Table
Photo Courtesy of Fjeldborg

Are you a fan of coral? If so, how do you incorporate it into your lifestyle? Plus …. if you know of coral products, please share!

– Kristin

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  1. Bought the cutest coral blouse at Francesca’s the night Lindsay hosted a personal shopping experience/wine/lia sophia night. If I could wear that blouse every day without people thinking I’m a goof, I totally would. I’m lovin the coral trend.

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