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I have loved every bit of living in Southern California for the past 8 years except for the part of living 2000+ miles away from all my family back in Wisconsin. I have strong pride for my home state but I’ll be honest, I don’t know how y’all are putting up these ridiculous winters lately! Maybe I just had the typical resilience of kids and it didn’t feel that cold growing up. Now… now my teeth start chattering when it drops below 50°. I’ve officially become “Californized.” (yes, I just made that word up.)

Back to the point of this post — one of my favorite foods growing up, and still today, is a really savory chicken pot pie. It’s something both my Dad and I really love and anytime we find it on a menu, it’s likely to be ordered by one or both of us. So, in thinking about all of you that are frozen to the bone and over this winter, I created some comfort food that’ll help warm you up! You’ll love this homemade mini chicken pot pie recipe that’s posted over on the Cambria Wines blog. To top it off and to have you dreaming of summer days at the lake, I also created a mini mixed berry pie that is the perfect accompanying dessert. There’s no replicating the taste of recipes that are made of scratch and served right out of the oven!

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Stay warm and hope you enjoy these delicious recipes!

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  1. Love chicken pot pie! It is hard to beat on a cold day. I found a recipe for one that is lighter (no butter, no heavy creamy), and it is almost as good as the real deal. Plus it is super easy!


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