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The Container Store Travel Sale!


It’s my favorite time of the year because The Container Store’s travel sale just started! If you’re on the hunt for new luggage, packing bags, toiletries, backpacks or inflight necessities this is the sale you’ve been waiting for.

Last year this travel sale conveniently happened right before we left on our 18-day trip to Italy. I quite literally stocked up on all the items I had been wanting, but wasn’t willing to pay full price for. Both of us got a full set of Eagle Creek packing cubes, sacs and folders along with travel adapters, inflight organizers, luggage locks, etc. Honestly, I knew it was a one-time investment and that I’d be using these items time after time when we traveled so I made sure to grab all my favorites while they were on sale at The Container Store.

Did I mention that a store opened up less than a mile from my house? Dangerous.

To help you out, I rounded up 20 of my favorite items from the travel department at The Container Store. Not all of these are on sale, but I’d say the majority are, especially the bigger ticket items! Just note, I probably own 80% of what is featured below. I’m slightly over-the-top when it comes to being an organized traveler and these items are must-haves when it comes to both domestic or international travel.

Get all your travel needs from luggage to packing bags and toiletries with The Container Store travel sale! See my favorite items by clicking here. | Modish and Main

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: 40 Blinks Sleep Eye Mask | Mini Travel Steamer | All-in-One Travel Adapter | TSA Luggage Lock | Slim Sonic Toothbrush | Clear Pill Box | Clear Travel Cases | Ostrich Pillow | Seat Pack Organizer Pro | Happy Flight Seat Pack Organizer | Travel Jewelry Organizer | Canvas Grid-it Tech Case | Laundry Bag | Eagle Creek Pack It Cubes | Sherpani Camden Crossover Backpack | Eagle Creek Pack It Folders | Eagle Creek Pack It Sacs | Eagle Creek Afar Backpack | Eagle Creek 22″ Adventure Luggage | Eagle Creek 29″ Gear Warrior Luggage

As I mentioned above, I truly use 80% of the items I have featured on here. If I don’t have them, I either have something really similar or it’s something I would love to have. In previous posts I’ve shared my go-to packing tips, plus a packing list that I use EVERY SINGLE TIME I travel whether it be for a long weekend or a trip to Europe. If you’re wondering what I typically bring along in my carry-on, I’ve shared some of the essentials items that come with me without fail.

When it comes to traveling, you can ease a lot of the stress by being organized and having a plan. That’s 3/4 of the battle. Gather your packing list, plan out your outfits and then when it comes to packing you’ll already have all the essential tools (if you take advantage of this sale) to streamline your efficiency.

In my opinion, it all starts with the right piece of luggage and then you go from there. I now own 2 different size pieces of Eagle Creek luggage and I absolutely love them. I use to be 100% hard shell spinner luggage all-the-time, but I’ve found I can fit more items in a duffel style bag and the added compartments are an organizers dream. All of my clothing gets packed inside the Eagle Creek pack-it system cubes, folders or sacs. It might seem cumbersome at first, but trust me when I say that it actually really works. I couldn’t believe how many items I was able to take with me to Italy last summer because they were strategically packed in the folders and cubes.

The same idea goes for my toiletry bag. I use one of the bigger Pack It cubes and then inside of it are small clear cases containing bath and beauty products. My theory is everything should have a home within a home. Thus when I get to my location and I only need my face products, I can just grab that clear case without having to rummage through all of it.

When it comes to a typical travel day, I will have my one piece of carry-on or checked luggage as well as a backpack or tote bag of some sort. There are some really cute travelers out there who arrive in wedges, dresses and a huge tote bag that they are seriously struggling to carry down the terminal. Skip the fashion show and free up your hands and shoulders with a great backpack. I switch between using an “adventurous” backpack like this Eagle Creek version depending on if I’m going to be hiking or exploring while on my trip or a more “stylish” version similar to this SUPER CUTE Sherpani Camden backpack that can also convert into a crossbody bag (is it wrong that I now really want that bag too?).

Inside my backpack are always the following —
My Canon 5D Mark III or Canon PowerShot G5X camera
Tech case with chargers
A seat pack organizer containing snacks, headphones, sanitizing wipes, pen, notepad, travel money, prescriptions, etc
Kindle Paperwhite
Bottle of water

On a side note, I don’t own it (yet), but a good friend of my has the Ostrich travel pillow and swears by it. You literally wear it around your head so it covers your eyes and then you can lean your head against the window and blissfully slip away into a deep sleep. It’s genius! You may look like a goof, but others are probably really jealous of you.

If you ever want to check out some of the amazing places I’ve travelled to, check out the TRAVEL section of my blog!

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