Cool as a Cucumber Fresh Pressed Juice

Start each morning with a tall glass of this Cool as a Cucumber fresh pressed juice that contains, you guessed it, cucumbers, green apples, aloe vera, MCT oil and lemon. Your body, mind and skin will love you!
Healthy and Nutritious, Cool as a Cucumber Fresh Pressed Green Juice | Modish and Main
My love for fresh pressed juices started with Pressed Juicery. Sean & I would make weekend trips up to Santa Barbara just for the excuse of loading up our portable cooler full of juices for the week. It just feels so good to start the morning or have some juice with your lunch that contains so much goodness for our bodies. We never ventured far enough to do the full juice cleanse, but we would often supplement a bottle of fresh pressed juice in lieu of breakfast or a snack. They’re so packed with nutrients that you feel satisfied and hydrated.

The only caveat for us was the cost of purchasing fresh pressed juices. They aren’t cheap and we had to drive 30+ miles to get them. Thankfully, when I suggested that we invest in our own juicer, I got two thumbs up! We headed to Sur la Table and bought the Breville Juice Fountain Cold. Lucky for us there was a sale happening at the time, but 3 months into owning the juicer, it has been worth every penny.
Cool as a Cucumber Fresh Pressed Green Juice | Modish and Main
No joke, in the car ride home from purchasing the juicer, I hopped onto Amazon and bought Pressed Juicery’s new book appropriately titled, Juice. Once it arrived 2 days later, I read the entire book in one sitting. I was enthralled with the concept behind juicing and what it can do for our mind and bodies. They provide you with a ton of recipes, but more importantly, they inform us as to why these ingredients are good for us and what they are doing for our bodies when we ingest them. I’m telling you, if you want to get into juicing, this is a must read!
After trying out 3/4th of the recipes in the Juice book, I kind of got the hang of what were my favorites and what I liked to substitute in or out. For the most part, my daily fresh pressed juice is now what I like to call, Cool as a Cucumber. I’m here to tell you right now that you will need LOTS of cucumbers no matter what your favorite juice is. They are naturally loaded with so much water that they are a great vegetable to juice because we get so much liquid & nutrients from them. I won’t lie, I started a friendship with the produce manager at my nearby Whole Foods and order a case of cucumbers a week that he sets aside for me.
Here is the recipe for Cool as a Cucumber, but remember that beyond the 3 main ingredients to make the juice, which are cucumber, green apple and lemon, what you add to it is totally up to you. I encourage you to read Juice to learn precisely what MCT oil & aloe vera juice are before you add them. My only input is, my skin changed dramatically when I started adding aloe vera to my juice. It was clearer and had a natural glow to it. This, in conjunction with going dairy free, has made the biggest difference in my skin!
Cool as a Cucumber Fresh Pressed Juice

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 3 minutes

Total Time: 10 minutes

A healthy, nutritious "Cool as a Cucumber" recipe for a refreshing glass of fresh pressed green juice.


  • 2 cucumbers
  • 2 large green apples
  • 1 large lemon
  • Optional, 1 tbsp MCT oil
  • Optional, 2 tbsp aloe vera juice


  1. Peel and remove the ends of the cucumber.
  2. Remove the core from the apple by slicing around it so you have 4 big chunks.
  3. Slice off the ends of the lemon and then proceed to cut off the sides of the lemon peel.
  4. In the container that will hold the juice, add the MCT Oil and Aloe Vera Juice.
  5. Turn on the juicer to high and add the cucumbers, apples and lemon.
  6. One all the juice is extracted, stir to combine .
  7. Optional, serve over ice.
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Healthy and Nutritious, Cool as a Cucumber Fresh Pressed Green Juice | Modish and Main
I would love to know, have you ever juiced yourself and if so, what are you favorite fruit and vegetable combinations?
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