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Cozy Winter Layers


Cozy Winter Layers | Modish and Main

It’s amazing how doing such a medial, mundane task can quickly turn into a full-fledge emergency. I thought it was pretty cool that brussel sprouts grow on a stalk and bought that instead of my usual easy-to-prepare bag. That decision turned out to be a bad one. While trying to “trim” the brussel sprouts from the stalk, I sliced my middle finger with our brand-new VERY SHARP kitchen knife.

Let me preface this story by saying that I do NOT handle blood very well. I’m known to easily faint, get nausea or just be a plain ol’ mess when it comes to anything medical. Back to my story… so with my finger spurting blood down the kitchen sink, Sean jumps into action and grabs our medical kit and proceeds to help with the situation. I, in the meanwhile, am sliding down the kitchen cabinets until I rest nicely on the floor with my finger held high in the air proclaiming that I just need juice. Yep, this is  all happening over brussel sprouts. I know myself well enough now that anytime I need to get blood drawn or will be in a hospital environment (I fainted in the doctors office when taking my brother in for his checkup after an accident!) that I pack some sort of sugary drink and cookies. It generally relieves the issue at hand.

To make a long story short, after almost fainting 3-4 times we finally got everything under control and the finger bandaged up. I should have gone to urgent care for stitches, but didn’t and ended up there the next day where I was scolded and given some glue and a splint and sent on my way. (and almost fainted 3 more times that morning).

I would like to say that I did end up tackling that brussel sprout stalk a few days later with much better success!

Cozy Winter Layers | Modish and Main

Cozy Winter Layers | Modish and Main

Stylish Side Braid | Modish and Main

I ordered these engraved #MODISH necklaces from Stella & Dot for myself and one for Lindsay’s birthday. I love how they came out and are the perfect layering piece. Layered Gold Stella and Dot Necklaces | Modish and Main

Cozy Winter Layers | Modish and Main

Cozy Winter Layers | Modish and Main

Cozy Winter Layers | Modish and Main

Brown Suede Ankle Booties | Sole Society

Outfit Details

Vince Camuto Vest (found at TJMaxx)
Cream Sweater (found at local boutique last year)
GAP Corduroy Jeans (GAP Outlet)
Sole Society Ankle Booties (similar here)
Stella and Dot Gold Monogrammed Necklace
Stella and Dot ‘Sahara’ Necklace

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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