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I was asked a couple of times this week if I had any recommendations for a daily planner. These requests were welcomed with such excitement from me because it finally gave me the opportunity to share with all of you the countless hours spent “shopping” for planners that fit my specific requirements.

Some people prefer the use of just a monthly calendar, but I personally chose to use a daily planner that allows plenty of room to write things happening each day.  Daily Planners // Modish and Main

1. The Day Designer // 2. Martha Stewart Daily Planner // 3. Erin Condren Life Planner // 4. Moleskine 12 Month Planner Notebooks

For the past 3 years I’ve been loyal to my Erin Condren Life Planner. Her planners allow you to customize the outside (in lots of great designs!) and includes not only a monthly view, but a daily view separated by morning, afternoon and night. Even better, it includes a zipper pocket in the back with room for a matching a notepad. It truly is an amazing planner, but it does run a bit pricey.

I needed a new planner recently (my EC Life Planner ended in September) and came across these adorable Dabney Lee planners available for a limited time at Target. With lots of great space to write either monthly or weekly, and it’s incredibly slim …. I’m really happy with this last minute purchase!

Dabney Lee Daily Planner // Modish and Main

The planner I’ve been keeping an eye on for quite some time now is the The Day Designer planner. It comes in either the Black & White stripes or a fabulous gold striped version. It was designed for the creative entrepreneur with worksheets, daily agenda pages, etc. It’s available on Etsy but also comes with a heavier price tag (hence my procrastination).

Decisions, decisions ….

What planners do you use?

– Kristin

4 comments on “Daily Planners”

  1. Wow!!!! Kristin really knows her products, she has exceptional style, but thats not all..she pointed me in the right direction and saved me from pulling my hair out. Thanks.

  2. These look great but I really wish they would include pictures of the pages inside! I’m very picky about my planners (my favorite so far is the myAgenda) and I can’t spend that much money on a planner that might not work for me. Why???

    1. Thanks for your feedback Samantha! I agree, seeing the inside of the planner is crucial in your decision making. I wish I owned all of them in order to showcase pictures of their layouts. I’ll remember that for next time though!

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