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As with most people, I love to use Pinterest as a source of inspiration for whatever project I may be setting my hopes on. A seemingly ongoing “project” in my house is the constant modifications to my home office. I never seem to be satisfied. Never. I think this is in large part due to the fact that we rent our home & I’m really tired of having to patch up holes from shelving or re-painting the walls, etc. We were lucky enough in our current home that management was willing to paint one wall in our house complimentary and this gorgeous coral hue was one of the available colors!

Desktop Organization // Modish and Main
My current home office workspace.

Since 90% of my work day is spent in my office, I really want to nail down the overall look & feel I want to achieve with this space. It’s exhausting to be never be satisfied & end up constantly changing things around, reorganizing, etc. I spent some time on my Pinterest board : Home Office Inspiration, and was able to pinpoint definitive things about what I liked from these images.

Home Office Inspiration : a large white desk with clean, simplistic decor. I also love the striped walls with gorgeous art prints! 

Home Office Inspiration
Image Courtesy of ashelyelladesign.com

Home Office Inspiration : lots of workspace with stylish decor elements that function for organization as well. 

Home Office Inspiration
Image Courtesy of Sarah M. Dorsey Designs & Dwelling by Devore

Home Office Inspiration : a large inspiration board and hanging clothes rack. 

Home Office Inspiration
Image Courtesy of Glitter Guide

Home Office Inspiration : large windows create lots of natural light. I also love the bright, bold print & color of the rug. 

Home Office Inspiration
Image Courtesy of YoungHouseLove.com

Home Office Inspiration : gorgeous wallpaper and great use of the IKEA Expedit wall unit. 

Home Office Inspiration
Image Courtesy of Michaela Noelle Designs

Home Office Inspiration : slightly obsessed with the look of exposed brick,but overall love the desk space and additional shelving unit. 

Home Office Inspiration
Image Courtesy of Domino.com

Home Office Inspiration : large wall unit for additional shelving and DIY bulletin board. 

Home Office Inspiration
Image Courtesy of houseandhome.com

Overall, I think it is safe to say that I like the overall look & feel of white desk furniture in my office space and then utilize color in accessories and additional decor pieces to bring in the fun.

In our home, we also currently have a queen size bed in my office for guests, so all of my office furniture is lined up against one wall. It’s not ideal and won’t be like this forever, but for now I have found a way for it to be functional.

Tassel Garland in Home Office / The Flair Exchange

Ultimately I have hopes to purchase a new, larger white desk in the near future once I have a better idea of what the space will be like long term. I love how the simple addition of the tassel garland added some uniqueness to the wall space!

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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