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Décor Spotlight — Statement Lamps


When it comes to redecorating (or even updating) your home, it can get overwhelming when you start to break down all the components. I typically try to take one task/category on at a time so that I stay focused on what my overall goal is in terms of aesthetic.

I’m realizing after having lived in our new home now for a month that the recessed lighting isn’t enough in the living room when it comes to wanting to read a magazine or book late in the evening. Plus, the room could use a good statement lamp as a focal point and to tie in my overall rustic meets flea market feel in the space.

Since I am being overly picky when it comes to purchasing anything for the house, I tend to just start browsing websites until I get a feel of what I’m gravitating towards. I love sites like Wayfair because it’s one stop shopping for everything! I started looking at lamps in general and quickly found myself favoriting those that had a “flea market” feel to them (aka. recycled glass) or rustic wood touches to them and even my signature industrial aesthetic. Once I determined that, I was able to simply narrow down my search to rustic and industrial to speed up the process and eliminate more options from the table. Here is what I’ve narrowed my search down to —

Statement Lamps with Wayfair | Modish and Main

Recycled Glass Base — Lamp 1 | Lamp 2 | Lamp 3

Natural Wood Elements — Lamp 4 | Lamp 5 | Lamp 6

Natural Wood Elements — Lamp 7 | Lamp 8 | Lamp 9

Industrial Desk Lights — Lamp 10 | Lamp 11 | Lamp 12

To be honest, creating these moodboards for the blog is really helpful for me to narrow down my choices! As I sit and stare at the options above, I find myself gravitating towards a recycled glass base lamp to counteract how much raw wood I already have in the living room.

The best part, Wayfair is offering 15% off all lamp purchases from November 6 — 10 with promo code: WFLAMPS15. Now that’s the perfect reason to finally make a purchase and get some much needed lamps in the living room!

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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*This post is sponsored by Wayfair, but all opinions are my own. For full disclaimer please click here


5 comments on “Décor Spotlight — Statement Lamps”

  1. Love all of these!! I always seem to stand frozen in fear when it comes to home decor choices. The good thing about lamps is no damage is done if you change your mind — no holes or scratches on the wall. 😉

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