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Around this house, no item of decor should feel safe! When you sit in your home office 5 days a week for 6-8 hours at a time, it’s no wonder you want to change things up. With the help of a few simple items from Decor Steals, my office wall got a fresh look!

Industrial and Rustic Home Office Decor | Modish and Main

One of my favorite things in my office are these chicken coop frames turned Instagram picture holders. It’s a super simple flea market find or DIY project that goes far beyond just framing your photos. Since I didn’t want to lose those, I planned on simply adding to the wall to cover more space and give it some additional character.

Decor Steals Metal Calendar | Modish and Main

The secret is out, I have a serious shopping addiction to DecorSteals.com. If you don’t know what it is yet, it’s a flash sale decor sight focused on vintage, antique and industrial inspired pieces. The catch is, each morning they announce a new featured item and it’s only available until it’s sold out. They also have an Extended Steals tab which features anywhere from 3-6 items that are available for a limited time. The best part, the prices are incredible!

For a good month I had this metal wall calendar and these galvanized bins sitting on my office floor because (a) I didn’t know where to put them and (b) I was traveling for most of the summer. It was almost like a epiphany one day when this wall arrangement came to me. I immediately ran to grab my hammer and nails and got to work rearranging my decor.

Home Office Decor | Modish and Main

Industrial and Rustic Home Office Decor | Modish and Main

Industrial and Rustic Home Office Decor | Modish and Main

Organized your home office galvanized metal buckets | Modish and Main

Craft Organizing with Galvanized Buckets | Modish and Main

I demonstrated a quick tutorial on Periscope (you can find me under @modishandmain) of how I easily hang things on the wall using washi tape. I’ll try and do a post on that tutorial soon! All in all, it was simply moving the chicken coops frame further apart to fit the calendar in the middle and then hanging up the galvanized bins centered under each frame/calendar.

If you’re wondering what’s stored in my galvanized bins, it’s craft supplies such as kraft and chalkboard paper, burlap, twine, etc. They look so much better being used as decor display items that hiding in a container in the garage don’t you think?

Industrial and Rustic Home Office Decor | Modish and Main

Hope you like the new office wall update and do yourself a favor by subscribing for Decor Steals daily emails so you can be alerted to your next home decor item!

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  1. Kristin – I LOVE this!!! You are SO creative and inspiring! I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, to see the washi tape tutorial. Thanks for your creativity!

    Have an amazing weekend!
    Wendy Knaus
    Green Bay, WI

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