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Patio Design for a Small Space


The outdoor area of your home is really an extension of available living space and when designed right, you may just find yourself spending more time enjoying the fresh air.

Designing a Small Patio | Modish and Main

When we moved into our new home 9 months ago we were faced with a 12′ x 12′ patch of dirt with a small concrete slab. That lasted all of 3 weeks before I couldn’t stand looking at it any longer and we called around for some quotes to get the landscape design started. We ended up working with David from Legacy Pool & Landscaping & couldn’t be happier with the results!

Small Patio Design - The Before | Modish and Main

Since we were trying to design a relatively small patio area, we needed to focus on maximizing the space. One of our design requirements was a fire pit. Our goal was to use our patio in a social, relaxed setting and we personally love enjoying a glass of wine while sitting by a fire. We went over numerous options in terms of layout and material, but ultimately decided on a rectangle design with natural stone that stood a little taller to ensure it was still comfortable to place a beverage on or even rest your legs.

It was so fun to actually go to the stone yard and help select the entire look of our fire pit and the flooring as well. We really wanted to stick with naturally materials so we tried to come up with a cohesive blend of stone throughout the entire area. I love the added design element of the contrasting brick pavers along the outside of the fire pit and entire patio space!

Custom Stone Firepit Design | Modish and Main


Designing a Small Patio | Modish and Main

Custom Stone Firepit Design | Modish and Main

Once the landscape element was completed, I set out to design a comfortable, conversational setting that kept the fire pit as the main focus. When we aren’t using the space for nights around the fire, we’re often grilling up burgers or I’m tending to my garden. Dexie can often be found lounging back here throughout the day as well!

Designing a Small Patio | Modish and Main

For some reason, I have a hard time justifying spending a lot of money on patio furniture. It gets exposed to 300+ days of sunshine, a mixture of rain and lots of dirt. It seems a bit crazy to spend bucco dollars when you can shop on a smaller scale and replace the cushions or pillows on an annual basis without worrying about it.

That’s what I decided to do here. I shopped at Target (since it’s literally .25 miles away) and found the chairs on clearance and then decided to settle on blues and whites for accents with hints of yellow for an extra little pop of color. I also grabbed multiple strings of outdoor lights, a huge umbrella and this great galvanized wall clock from their patio collection. So yeah… basically my patio is designed by Target.
Target Style Patio Chairs and Pillows | Modish and Main

Patio Lightbulbs

Outdoor Galvanized Wall Clock | Modish and Main

My DIY flea market garden just keeps growing even though I really have no idea what I’m doing. It’s basically a trial and error process & I’m learning from my mistakes along the way. It’s been fun to grab a handful of cilantro when I’m making a dish though!

Small Patio Garden | Modish and Main

My latest addition to the patio is this industrial cart from Decor Steals. We all know I have a serious love for this website and LOTS of my home is decorated from their incredibly well priced decor items.  I love the distressed feel it already has & it works great as my “garden cart.” I have a mixture of plants & flowers with another great Target find; this galvanized gardening bucket with all my essential tools. Can’t forget the leisure reading too!

Decor Steals Industrial Garden Cart | Modish and Main

Patio Decor | Galvanized Pitcher | Modish and Main

Store Gardening Tools in Galvanized Tool Box | Modish and Main

Porches and Gardens Magazine | Modish and Main

Though it may not be a big space, our little patio has really become one of our favorite “rooms” in the whole house. I hope you love it and I’d love to see how you’ve styled your outdoor spaces using the hashtag #modishoutdoors!

Custom Stone Firepit Design | Modish and Main


Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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  1. I really liked how you included pictures in this post. It makes it look like a good decision to take the time to change a dirt patch into something more personal and usable. I think the design you used for the arrangements of the patio stones helped the area look bigger than it physically is. I’m going to look at more designs before I hire a professional to help me get started making my patio space my own.

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