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If you watch enough HGTV you begin to only hope that you magically end up on one of their countless shows and a designer walks into your house and transforms it into your dream home. Then the show ends, reality hits and all you’re left with is burning sensation to get rid of everything you own, start shopping, a few DIY projects and voila… you’ve created your own masterpiece.

Back to the part about reality hitting. It’s simply not realistic to keep starting from scratch when it comes to decorating your home. I’m notorious for being “in love” with something for a quick minute and then I’m over it within a few months. This makes for plenty of unnecessary purchases or you just simply don’t do anything because you don’t know where to start.

So, I’m teaching myself how to design my home the right way. Well…. Sabrina Soto is through her book, “Home Design.” It’s a layer-by-layer approach to turning your ideas into the home of your dreams.

Sabrina Soto — Home Design

I’ve committed myself to eliminating impulse purchases and really taking a step back to determine the esthetic I want to achieve in our home before I move forward with anything. In just the first quarter of this book I’ve learned so much about establishing a floor plan, how to narrow down your wall color palette, types of flooring, how to achieve a certain “feel” in your home, etc.

Design Your Own Home #decorate

I’ve been taking lots of notes that I can refer back to throughout this whole process. I’ve got lots more to learn so I better get reading!

Sabrina Soto "Home Design" — Learn to Design your Dream Home

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