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In order for a productive work day to happen for me, the organization of your desk is an absolute must! As I’ve mentioned before in a previous post, working from home can have its plus and minuses as long as you stick to a few general rules.

A clean, organized desk leaves you with less anxiety and more time for productivity. Gain inspiration and a few key tips on how to maintain an organized desk and drawer space. Click to read more or pin to save for later! — Modish and Main

Since I’m lucky enough in our new town home to have an entire room for just my office, I’m allowed some creative decor freedom and am able to establish some personal “rules” to keep my sanity. If you know me personally, you know that I cannot handle clutter, messiness or just plain chaos in a room. Each evening, before I call it quits, I make sure to clean up my workspace and prep to start off the next morning in an organized manner. I’ve been known to go into full-fledge organizing mode at 7:30am if a space isn’t up to par.

Desktop Organization // Modish and Main

Desktop Organization // Modish and Main

Adding some pretty desktop accessories really goes a long way towards inspiring you to use the designated workspace! (ahh hmmmm …. those of you that end up working on the couch or bed!) The chic white letter trays and accessory tray (holding the pen cup) are from Poppin’. As a bonus … they come in some pretty fun, bright colors as well if you’re looking to have a little fun in your office space!

I grab most of my notebooks from Staples and I particularly love the bright colors available from Poppin’ as it’s the one I throw in my handbag when I’m on the go and I definitely can’t miss it!

Desktop Organization // Modish and Main

If you are going to have to work on your finances, might as well make the notebook stylish as well! In an upcoming post, I’ll show you a glimpse inside this fantastic financial keeper created by May Designs.

"Money Talks" May Designs Notebook // Modish and Main

…. and yes, a “You’ve Been Chic’d” pen cup is perfect compliment to my vast rotating assortment of pens.

Stylish Pen Cup // Modish and Main

Here’s the next BIG important tip ….. don’t just let the top of your desk be pretty & organized and then let the drawers be one big junk drawer of utter chaos! I organized my large desk drawer using office supply holders and boxes from the Martha Stewart’s home office organizing collection.

Desk Drawer Organization // Modish and Main

These gorgeous trays come in assortment of styles and hold anything from washi tape, rubberbands, mints, chapstick, paperclips, checkbooks, highlighters and more.

Desk Drawer Organization // Modish and Main

Desk Drawer Organization // Modish and Main

Desk Drawer Organization // Modish and Main

It is an ever-evolving space for me, but I love having a vibrant, clean workspace to go each morning. The management company that runs my town home even painted this accent wall bright coral …. I think we were a match made in heaven!

My desk space also blends perfectly with my IKEA Expedit shelving unit where I display my favorite things. You can go back to see that post by clicking here!

Desktop Organization // Modish and Main

I hope I’ve inspired you to continue to get organized this year!

Additional Items Featured in this Post : 

White Desk from Target
White Desk Chair from Target

UPDATE : I’ve moved into a new home and have an entirely new workspace! Check it out here!

Also, check out the feature from Shutterfly with 85 home office ideas, including mine!

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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57 comments on “How to Maintain an Organized Desk”

  1. Hi! Love the space 🙂 I was wondering where your magazine file was from? I’m looking for somethings similar for my apartment next school year!

    1. Hey Jillaine! Those magazine holders were actually from Target’s dollar section. (I know right ?!?!) I know right now they have Nate Berkus gold ones that are pretty chic. I’ve also used classic white ones from Crate & Barrel that are really sturdy. Hope you find some you love!

  2. This is SO pretty… great inspiration for me as I work from home and need to re-organize my desk 🙂 Would you mind sharing where you got the labeled dividers in the magazine holder?

    1. Thank you so much Hilary!! I just shared my latest desk organization with my new workspace today as well. That could help inspire you too.

      As for the labeled dividers in the magazine holder, those are actually vertical file folders from Martha Stewart’s collection at Staples! I know right?!?! Amazing!

  3. Hello, I clicked on your Martha Stewart link for home office, but they don’t show the little boxes in your drawers. Only other larger items that would sit outside on the counter of a desk. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Pat! I just checked my link again and it seems that Staples is no longer carrying these drawer organizing inserts from Martha Stewart’s line. I found the skinny option still listed in white, but when you click on the product is says out of stock. I did a little research and found some of the same items available on Amazon though! I updated the link in my post. Hope this helps!! Happy Organizing!

    1. Hi Jeanne! I purchased the Martha Stewart organizing trays from Staples, but unfortunately they are no longer available. I just updated the link as I found them on Amazon and they’re available! Happy Organizing!

  4. HI! LOVE all the creative ideas you gave. I was just wondering, where do you purchase really affordable washi tapes?

    1. Hi Gaile!! I’ve found affordable washi tape on Etsy actually. You just type in “washi tape” or “chevron washi tape”, etc and there are tons of options. Hope you find what you’re looking for!

  5. You may think that you don t have time to organize your office, but if you really knew how much time that disorganization cost you, you d reconsider. Rearranging and moving piles occasionally doesn t count. Neither does clearing off your desk, if you swipe the mess into a bin, or a desk drawer. A relatively neat and orderly office space clears the way for higher productivity and less wasted time.

  6. Looks really good. I would have liked to have seen smaller sized photos to see a better perspective of the items in the drawer and on the desk top.

  7. Hi Kristen! I know you created this a few years ago, but I am looking up ways to organize my desk and I found your ideas off Pinterest. I love how organized you are! I was wondering where I can purchase those pretty blue organizers. They are exactly what I am looking for. Do you have any ideas where I can purchase these organizers?

    1. Hey Isabella! Thank you so much for the sweet comments. The blue organizers are from the Martha Stewart Collection she has at Staples. While I got those quite a few years ago, she very likely has some similar organizing products available now that could fit your needs. Hope that helps!

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