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How to Create a Chalkboard Measuring Cabinet


As someone who is becoming more comfortable in the kitchen, I found that I was constantly searching for my measuring cups/spoons and then inadvertently having to search Google for an equivalent measurement of some ingredient required. It was turning into a math quiz if I could remember how many ounces were in 4 cups! The answer is 32 oz. 

I’ll be honest, it was actually the Mr. that came up with the suggestion of creating something inside the cabinet door to use as a reference. It was then my job to come up with a solution and making it actually happen. The end result is an easy DIY chalkboard measuring cabinet that we love!

So not only was I able to create a great reference tool for measuring, but it’s a super easy organizing project that puts your measuring spoons and cups right at your fingertips. Win-win! Here’s how you can create your own chalkboard measuring cabinet.

How to Create a DIY Chalkboard Measuring Cabinet in your Kitchen | Modish and MainHow to Create a DIY Chalkboard Measuring Cabinet in your Kitchen | Modish and Main

My first go around (see the bottom of the post for images) I was a bit apprehensive of painting the inside with chalk paint and opted to use chalkboard paper adhered with double-sided tape that would easily remove if need be. After living with the chalkboard measuring cabinet for a few years, I decided it was time for a more permanent update.

It wasn’t until one of the hooks ripped off the paper that I needed to re-do the project and give it a bit of a facelift after learning what worked and didn’t work for the past few years.

Materials Needed: 

Chalkboard Paint
3M Utensil Hooks
Chalkboard Marker
Ruler / Measuring Tape
Painters Tape

A quick side-note: make sure your measuring spoons/cups have holes on the handle in order to hang them! 

Directions for Painting the Chalkboard Cabinet:

Remove the door from the cabinet base and lay down flat on a hard work surface.

Give it a good cleaning and wipe dry.

Using the painters tape, line up the tape with the outside edge of the cabinet. This will give you an equal measurement around all four sides of the cabinet without having to measure.

Make sure the tape is properly adhered to the cabinet by rubbing it with a credit card along the edges. This will prevent the paint from leaking underneath the tape and will give you a straight edge.

Apply a thin coat of paint and let dry. It’s important to work in thin coats so the paint doesn’t want to try and travel underneath the tape. It took me 4 coats of chalkboard paint to get a solid black surface.

Directions for Placement of the Hooks and Measurements:

Before you begin writing, determine where to place the hooks for your measuring cups/spoons.

Make sure you allow for space at the bottom for where your cabinet door meets the cabinet base. Measure and mark where any shelves are within the cabinet as well.

Using a ruler as guidance, place the 3M utensil hooks in 2 rows allowing enough room for the items to hang.

Now comes the fun part, writing on your new chalkboard measuring cabinet! I chose to write frequented measuring equivalents at the very top and bottom with the measuring spoons and cups in the middle.

Tip — Follow the directions of your chalkboard marker to ensure an even flow of ink when writing. My marker required shaking and compressing the tip of the marker before use and throughout. 

Once everything is dry, hang your cabinet door and get cooking / baking!

This chalkboard measuring cabinet in my kitchen is probably my most used DIY project to date. Not only does it make grabbing a measuring utensil super easy, but I’m constantly referring to the measuring equivalents.

Here are some pictures of my previous chalkboard measuring cabinet where I used chalk paper rather than chalk paint and everything was positioned slightly too low.

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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47 comments on “How to Create a Chalkboard Measuring Cabinet”

    1. Just baked and took me so much time finding my measuring spoons and looking up equivalents!! What a great idea!!! I might do this!

      1. Honestly it’s hands down the best project I’ve ever done in my house. I literally use it daily for either just grabbing my measuring utensils or a quick glance at a measuring equivalent. You won’t regret it!!

        1. Love this idea… one of the best on pinterest!
          Just about to do it in my kitchen, possibly on the wall though…it’s too good to hide.
          Ideal for those of us who just love to label!
          And I sooooo do!

  1. Kristin, I adore your chalkboard measuring cabinet! I NEVER remember the conversions that I should when I’m baking and always have to look them up. Love how you now have them in such a handy place along with all of those small measuring spoons that get lost in the bottom of drawers. Love!

  2. Love this, Kristin! It’s as beautiful as it is functional, and I don’t know that I’d hide it in the cabinet! 🙂 Your printing is fabulous and I wondered if your blog font is custom from your handwriting? 🙂

    1. Thanks Pam, you’re so sweet! I definitely have plans to do another project where my obsession with writing on chalkboards won’t be hidden. LOL

      As for the font on the blog, it’s not my handwriting but it was originally chosen but I naturally gravitated towards its similarity. Do you think it’s hard to read though on here??

  3. Absolutely brilliant and perfect timing as I’m just starting to set up my new kitchen.

    Would you be willing to share the name of the font used in your blog? I’m a bit of a typeface fanatic and have combed through hundreds but I can’t find anything I like better than yours! Thank you.

  4. Did your door actually close with the spoons and cups hanging like that? It looks like they would hit the edge of the shelves….

    1. I noticed that too, the 1 cup measure will hit the bottom shelf. Still, easy to fix since it’s not permanent, the pic looks good and she did include the warning to avoid the same mistake in the tutorial.

    2. Hi Nicola!

      It appears that way in this photo but all I ended up having to do was take out the extra board they placed there on the bottom of my shelf and it closes just fine. It was an easy fix but yes, for those of you doing this project… make sure you account for trim, etc!

  5. I saw something similar on Pinterest, but it required drilling…and I am wary of putting holes in my cabinets. I have had the chalkboard paper up for months but never followed through because of the drilling. Now I have my chalkboard pen ready and I just need to grab some 3m hooks from my basement! Thank you so much for the idea! Love it!

  6. What a great idea. I will join in my kitchen, I found it very practical, really a facilitator when it comes to cooking. Congratulations on the originality.

  7. I love this idea and have just hung my measuring cups and spoons, but the problem is, whenever I open the cabinet door, they all bang against the door and scare the you-know-what out of me. How do you prevent movement of the cups/spoons? I put felt pads where it hits, but the cups/spoons swing all over and miss them. Plus, you lose the clean look of it. Did anyone else have this problem?

    1. Sorry, I had to give a chuckle because that has happened to me COUNTLESS times!! To be honest, a little bit of it is you just learn to adjust, but otherwise I haven’t done anything to alter mine. Let me know if you come up with a solution that still looks good!

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