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I shared little snippets on my social media and in yesterday’s bar cart post of the DIY wine bottle candle I made for Cambria Wine’s blog. I was so thrilled with how it came out and was left with a bag of soy wax and remembered that I had a selection of glass jars that I set aside for this exact purpose!  Back a year, maybe even 2 years ago, I was sick of just throwing out a candle once it got to the bottom. I figured a nice chunk of the cost of each candle is the pretty jar it comes in. So I started to save the jars, remove the wax and set them aside in my linen closet for a future project. Let me tell you, I’m so glad I saved them!

DIY Essential Oils Candles | Modish and Main

Since we had purchased a 5 pound bulk bag of soy wax and a bag of wicks, I had left over product and decided to make a few extra candles for around the house.

*You can get the full tutorial on how to make the candle over on the Cambria Wine’s blog.

All you really need is —

Assortment of Glass Jars
Wax Chips (I prefer to use soy wax)
6″ Natural Wicks
Essential Oils (if you prefer a scent)
Candlemaking Pitcher

Some people prefer to color their wax, you can order this online as well.

I’ve recently become interested in the use of essentials oils for around the home and decided to use Citrus Fresh and Lemon to give these candles a light, happy, refreshing scent when they’re lit.

DIY Essential Oils Candles | Modish and Main

DIY Essential Oils Candles | Modish and Main

This was such an easy DIY project and really quite inexpensive. If you just start to save your empty candle jars or buy some Ball or Kerr mason jars in bulk and you’ll have plenty to start making candles for not only around your house but for the perfect, heartfelt gift as well.

DIY Mason Jar Candle with Essential Oils | Modish and Main

DIY Mason Jar Candle with Essential Oils | Modish and Main

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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