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This past trip to the flea market has really turned out to be one of my best. I have put everything I purchased into good use at my home & am seriously in love with it all. My first purchase of the day was this beautiful vintage industrial sewing box. Per my understanding, these were used to store the large spools of thread that were being used on projects. The sweet woman selling these had stenciled on this adorable french inspired motif which I didn’t want to change one bit.

I had plans in my head to either use this bin at home for my extra throws pillows in the living room or as a planter box out on my front porch. With my Mom being in town last week & the source of any of my green thumb knowledge we went to purchase some other plants for the house and while I was in the Lowe’s Garden Center I had an “AHA” moment of using the industrial bin to plant a little herb garden! We stocked up on the essentials, picked out my herbs and got to work.

We lined the bottom of the bin with a trash bag and filled the entire container with a mixture of potting soil and food safe fertilizer. The bin did have a small holes in each of the corners which prevented us from having to try and drill holes in the bottom to allow for water runoff.

DIY Herb Garden | Modish and Main

The herbs and vegetables I chose to plant were basil, mint, parsley, cilantro, jalapeño, yellow bell pepper, green pepper and cherry tomatoes. The nice thing about having a mixture of items is that I can already use the herbs that are available while I wait for the vegetables to grow. I’m thinking a fresh mojito followed up with a carne asada dish topped with guacamole using my fresh cilantro!

DIY Herb Garden | Modish and Main

DIY Herb Garden with Mint | Modish and Main

DIY Herb Garden with Jalapeño | Modish and Main

DIY Herb Garden with Basil | Modish and Main

We placed our DIY herb garden planter in a corner of our patio where it gets equals parts sun and shade. I’m happy to say that after just a week of planting my garden, my mint has really taken off and my cilantro and parsley have perked up tremendously! DIY Herb Garden | Modish and Main

So what do you think? Do you love my new herb garden made out of an old industrial bin? I guess that teaches us to rethink vintage items when we see them!

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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  1. Kristin, I loved your herb garden! The fact that your Mom was with you/part of the project was a bonus! Very creative and unique. Paula

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