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Do you ever feel like a genius when you’ve created the easiest solution to a problem that has been nagging at you for 8 months? This super simple DIY industrial coat hanger has been the answer to all my woes.

DIY Rustic Organizing Hooks | Modish and Main

It seems to be a builders “thing” lately to leave new homeowners with this expansive space underneath their stairs. I’m seeing it in all the new models in our area and it really leaves me with a love/hate relationship with the space.

Upon moving in, this area under the stairs was equipped with one thing and one thing only… a wood closet rod. If using that, it would be the biggest waste of space known to man kind. Honestly, if you are using this area for actually hanging things on the closet rod, please please stop as I can guarantee that you aren’t maximizing the space allowed.

So we converted our under the stairs area to be part storage, part overstock pantry. I would love to eventually turn it into a wine cellar / pantry but that would require electrical work and I’m just not ready to tackle that type of project yet! I’ll show you more of it’s entire functionality another time, because today’s focus is on this incredibly easy DIY project that will take you a mere 20 minutes to complete. For me it solved the annoying issue of dust mops leaning up against the wall and a home for market totes, my gym bag and my handbag/hats.

DIY Rustic Organizing Solution | Modish and Main

I used to be the 3M Command Hooks queen but whatever is up with the paint we used in this house, they do not stay on and actually rip off the paint as they go tumbling to the floor. That’s ok because this home is no longer a rental and I can actually drill holes into the wall at my own liking.

I had this 5 foot piece of pine board lying around in the garage from a previous project so all I had to do was select 4 decorative hooks I wanted to use. Of course sticking with my rustic meets industrial decor theme, I chose hooks that were already painted a flat black.

Upon simply marking where the screws would go and attaching the hooks to the piece of wood it was as easy then as securing the row of hooks to studs on the wall. We used 3″ screws to really secure it to the studs as I wanted to be confident when putting some weight on the hooks.

DIY Rustic Organizing Hooks | Modish and Main

DIY Rustic Organizing Hooks | Modish and Main

Now I have a home for my dust mops and random assortment of bags! I can’t believe I waited 8 months to complete this project, but the end result is a much more functionally organized space where everything has its proper home.

DIY Rustic Organizing Hooks | Modish and Main

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