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How to Build Industrial Wood Shelves


Over the 2 years of having this blog, you’ve seen lots of changes to my home office. I’ve gone from bright coral with white accents to dark grey with rustic finishes. Learn how to build your own industrial wood shelves that can be mounted in any room of your house!

If you remember a few months back, I was actually planning on buying some industrial shelving bookcases to fill this back wall. For some reason, I could never justify the steep price tags that came with these! The best part about this project is that’s inexpensive and a really easy project to complete with the hardest part being that you securely anchor the bracket to a stud. Thankfully I had my Dad’s help as I really didn’t want to see these come crashing down once I decorated them!

I truly could not be happier with how my home office is turning out. It’s just what I had envisioned and not only the look, but the functionality of the industrial wood shelves is spot on. I spaced them out keeping in mind that I wanted my galvanized M&M letters to be front and center on that middle shelf and boy do they make a statement! I’ve slowly started to decorate the rest of the shelving, but we all know that will be a continual process.

*Speaking of decorating the shelves being a continual process. I just recently updated the decor on my shelves and shared a new update. Check it out!

Looking to build your own industrial wood shelves for a home office, dining room, bathroom or just about anywhere? These are easy to make, require just a few supplies and can be done in one day. Click to read the full tutorial or pin to save for later! — Modish and Main


DIY Industrial Wood Office Shelving | Modish and Main

DIY Industrial Wood Office Shelving | Modish and Main

Shelving Decor | Modish and Main

Shelving Decor | @DecorSteals | Modish and Main

Vintage Inspired Twine Holder from Decor Steals.

Galvanized Letters in Home Office | Shelving Decor | Modish and Main

Shelving Decor | Modish and Main

Here’s the easy step-by-step instructions to build your own shelves —


(3) 10′ L x 12″ D x 2″ H Pine Boards
(6) Galvanized Floor Flange Fittings
(6) Galvanized 12″ Pipe Fittings
(6) Galvanized Cap Fittings
(1) 32oz Wood Stain (I choose American Walnut by Rust-Oleum)
(1) Can of Rust-Oleum Spray Paint in Flat Black
(12-24) Lag Bolt Screws (we only used 2 per shelf bracket)
Cheese cloth


Connect all 3 galvanized fittings together (floor flange, pipe and cap) for a total of 6 brackets and spray paint using flat black. Let dry completely.

Staining the pine boards — start by applying stain to a square foot area on the board with a brush and then immediately wipe down using the cheese cloth. This removes any excess stain and allows the natural grain to show through. Do this throughout the entire length and sides of the boards. Don’t forget the ends! Let dry 1 hour minimum in a well ventilated area.

While both the brackets and the wood are drying, start to locate and mark your studs. This is the most important part of your entire project. These shelves are heavy and therefore the brackets need to well anchored into a stud using lag bolt screws.

Once you’ve determined the height of your shelves, hold up the floor flange to the wall and mark the location of where you will insert the lag bolt screws. Carefully drill screw into wall while firmly holding the floor flange flat against the wall to ensure a tight fit. Do this for all 6 brackets.

Once boards are dry, simply place them (with the help of someone) on the brackets and you’re done!

DIY Industrial Wood Office Shelving | Modish and Main

DIY Industrial Wood Office Shelving | Modish and Main

What do you think of the look? I finished off the space by adding an industrial storage locker found at the Restoration Hardware outlet last weekend. It coordinates with the aesthetic and gives me the functionality I wanted by being able to stick some items away behind closed doors. I’m more than obsessed with it!

Industrial Office Storage from Restoration Hardware | Modish and Main

Industrial Office Storage from Restoration Hardware | Modish and Main

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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54 comments on “How to Build Industrial Wood Shelves”

  1. Have you tried chalk painting furniture? I have an ugly scratched chair, and am wondering if you have any tips or instructions.

    1. Hi Mary! I used chalk paint on a table I found at the flea market and using it in my patio. Make sure you use a paint brush with dense bristles (they now make ones specific for chalk paint) that allow for a good application on your piece of furniture. Depending on if you want that “distressed” look, try using a cheesecloth to help achieve an uneven appearance. You can even lightly sand in areas for the same look. Hope that helps! Overall, it’s much thicker in coverage, so just give it a try!!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! This is EXACTLY what I have just done in my study…. down to the size, brand of paint and timber colour!! my wall is a lighter grey though….

    I was just looking for images to get ideas on how to style them and just found your blog. Gorgeous blog by the way and absolutely beautiful styling. So glad to have found you!

    Mel x

    1. Hey Mel !! I’m so thrilled you reached out to me and shared that you’ve made the same shelves! Would you please email me photos of your shelves and I can’t wait to see how you style them!

      1. Ofcourse! The whole room is an absolute mess right now (mid renovation) but when everything is unpacked and pretty I will send you some pictures 🙂

  3. Hey! My boyfriend and I are wanting to do sotmg thing like this in our apartment so I was wondering what width of pipes did you use? 1/2..1 inch…1 1/2? We were thinking using 1 inch but I wanted to get your opinion!

    1. Hey Jessica!

      We utilized 1″ galvanized pipes for this projects and they seem to be plenty big enough for this type of shelving project. How exciting that you’ll be doing your own shelving, tag me in the picture on Instagram once you’ve completed the project so I can see how fabulous they turned out!

  4. Love your whole look! I have shelves similar to these above my craft table. I’m wondering if you could share where you purchased your galvanized letters from?

  5. Hi Kristin! Love your office! Can I ask where you found this desk? And if you made it, can you share your secrets 🙂


  6. Thanks. I moved my office downstairs and implemented your rustic wall. It looks great. Getting lots of compliments. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I’ve been researching Pinterest for months trying to figure out the best way to redo my home office. This is it! Fortunately my roommate does construction for a living and will help me on this project. He said “this is super easy.” Thanks for posting. And yes, industrial shelves are so expensive!

    1. Ohhh yeah, I’m so glad I could provide some inspiration for your home office! Please send me or tag me in an image on Instagram or send me an email with how it turns out. Can’t wait!!

    1. Hi Sharon!

      Thank you, they are super functional and aesthetically pleasing. As for the exact amount of weight, I’m unsure. It’s really about how secure you get them into the studs. I think they hold a pretty decent amount, you’ll just want to check them periodically to ensure they’re still secure over time.

  8. My wife loves this whole setup. Was curious on your spacing. You mentioned in a previous comment that you spaced 20-22″ between shelves. Is that spacing the same for the ceiling and the space between the cabinet and the bottom shelf?

    Could be perspective but the bottom shelf seems to be closer to the cabinet than your others.

    1. Hi Matt!! Well aren’t you the best husband to build these shelves for your wife. Way to go!

      To give you measurements and perspective of the spacing of my shelves:
      My bottom shelf is 38″ off the ground & my cabinet is 28″. So I left a 10″ gap between the top of the cabinet and the first shelf.
      From the ceiling down to the top shelf, it’s 22″.

      Hope that helps!

    1. HELPPPPPP! I have been searching for this darn desk for about 2 weeks now! HOW CAN I FIND IT?! I literally love everything about this office and am remodeling mine now to replicate it. ANY help on it would be appreciated!! <3 Your style is inspirational!!

    1. Hey Maggie! When you’re at the hardware store, grab the floor flange and head over to the nuts & bolts section. We sized up the bolts right there to ensure they fit through the flange (ask someone for help, that’s what I did). Unfortunately, I don’t remember what size we bought! Ughh fail. In regards to securing to the studs, on some of the flanges we were only able to secure 2-3 and not all 4 holes to an actual stud (hence they were meant for the floor). No worries though, as long as you get 2-3 in studs, you’ll be good to go. Hope that helps!

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