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About a month ago on Instagram you may have seen me post a picture of my latest home improvement “toy,” a new Kobalt sliding compound miter saw.  I was determined to start building things on my own and once I get that in my mind, there’s no stopping me! To get started on a fairly simple project, I decided to create a rustic accent wall in my bathroom.

Kobalt Compound Sliding Miter Saw | Modish and Main Instagram

Since I’m still learning quite a bit, I usually wait to start a fresh project until my Dad is out visiting. This helps to ensure I’m not attempting something that’s far outside my capabilities (which I’m completely capable of doing!). Plus, I wanted his advice on which saw to purchase and to give me a “how-to tutorial” so I walked away with all ten fingers. Thank goodness for Dad’s! 

In our master bathroom we have a great set of built-in cabinets that are perfect for storing extra linens, my excessive collection of nail polish, etc. It was looking rather bland and “cookie-cutter” so I thought to liven it up a bit by accenting the wall with rustic wood panels.

DIY Rustic Wood Accent Wall | Modish and Main

DIY Rustic Wood Accent Wall | Modish and Main

We started off by measuring the height and width of the allotted space and took those notes with us to Lowe’s. There are many types of wood available for a project like this and if you’re lucky enough to have access to reclaimed barn wood, go for it! Since that wasn’t an option for me, I went with using cedar wood fencing planks due to (a) the price (b) the natural grains and knots and (c) the thinner cut. These ended up working great for this type of project!

Upon getting the boards home, it was as simple as cutting them down to size and nailing them to the wall using 3″ finishing nails. The next step is optional, whether you want to putty over the nail holes or not. With this project, I opted to use a nail set to pound the nails further into the board so they wouldn’t be resting level with the wood planks and then used a wood putty to fill in the space. Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of the results. You probably don’t think it’s very noticeable, but I certainly do. The putty is supposed to be stainable, but it didn’t seem to work as well as it should have. That’s just my opinion though.

DIY Rustic Wood Accent Wall | Modish and Main

Next up was picking a stain. On the excess pieces of wood that I had trimmed off, I tested a variance of stains and oils to see what I liked best. I found that with the cedar, the stain saturated the wood far more than it did with pine boards. I didn’t like it as much because it obscured the natural grains and knots of the cedar and I really wanted that to show.

I ended up using a Danish Oil in dark walnut. It penetrated the wood to give it a rustic tone, but still allowed the natural textures of the wood to shine.

Watco Danish Oil in Dark Walnut | Modish and MainTo apply, simply use a staining brush and follow the natural grain of the wood. Follow it up with cheesecloth to wipe away an excess. This only takes one coat and dries in approximately 30 minutes.

P.S. This HANDy Paint Cup was the best investment for this project! It has a magnetic strip on the back that allows your brush to rest when not in use and prevents any unnecessary drips or spills.

DIY Rustic Wood Accent Wall | Modish and Main

After it dried, it was all about deciding on how I wanted to decorate the space! At first, I decorated the cut-out with our hand-painted vase from a trip to Mexico, this amazing handmade driftwood jewelry organizer (more on that later) and my tray of perfumes.

DIY Rustic Wood Accent Wall | Modish and Main

DIY Rustic Wood Accent Wall | Modish and Main

Driftwood Jewelry Organizer Modish and Main

That lasted all of 30 minutes until I ultimately decided I wanted a more natural, rustic, outdoorsy feel to the decor I used and swapped out the perfume for a potted succulent and galvanized watering tin. This just felt like it completed the space better and gave me my calming sanctuary.

DIY Rustic Wood Accent Wall | Modish and Main

Let’s talk about how amazing this handmade driftwood jewelry organizer is! This was another flea market find from last month. The gentleman makes an assortment of this all by hand and they’re absolutely beautiful. I particularly fell in love with the bracelet bar.

Driftwood Jewelry Organizer | Modish and Main

DIY Rustic Wood Accent Wall | Modish and Main

Potted Succulent | Modish and Main

Potted Succulent | Modish and Main

Overall, a pretty simple project to complete! Even if you don’t have your own miter or circular saw, the handy men and women at your local hardware store will most likely gladly cut you the boards to size. Hope you like how it turned out!

Keep Living a Stylized Life. 

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