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DIY Sunglasses Display


I’d be lying if I said I searched out a project or organizational method to better store my sunglasses, but that just isn’t the case. It all started with this adorable display board my mom made me out of foam core & leftover ikat fabric. It sat in my office closet starring at me each time I opened the doors and I was determined to finally put it to use, but only if the idea was worthy enough.

I knew the display wasn’t big enough to serve as a memo board in my office, so I wanted to put it to use in an unconventional, purposeful way. The answer came to me as soon as I saw my supply of twine. Voilá, a sunglasses display board was born!

DIY Sunglasses Display // Modish and Main

• foam core board
• fabric
• twine
• push pins (extra long work best)
• stapler

Lay out your fabric (face side down) and place the foam core board on top. Trim the fabric leaving approximately 1 inch of material around all sides.

Starting with the sides, fold the fabric inward on top of the foam core and staple to hold in place. Now, like wrapping a gift, bring down the top ends of the fabric and fold the corners nicely into place. Staple again in the corners to hold into place.

With your fabric secured to the foam core board, it’s time to place your push pins. Select an area in the top left corner & again in the top right corner (use your twine to ensure they are even) to insert your pins. Do this again approximately half way down the foam core for your second row.

DIY Sunglasses Display // Modish and Main

Tie one end of the twine in a knot around the top left push pin. Simply extend your twine across the board, around the top right push pin and back again to create a row of twine made of 3-4 strands. Tie off the twine on the top right push pin by securing another knot (make sure the line of twine is tight before knotting).

Repeat for the second row.

DIY Sunglasses Display // Modish and Main

Carefully raise your board (the push pins will be sticking out the back, so please be careful to not stick yourself) against the wall and secure all four push pins into the wall.

Lastly, display your array of sunglasses by hanging one of the arms around the twine. Now you have a functional, organized and beautiful way to display your collections of sunnies. I chose to place mine by our back door where we keep a telephone table to hold our keys and miscellaneous items as we walk in the house. This is also a great way to ensure they don’t get scratched!

DIY Sunglasses Display // Modish and Main DIY Sunglasses Display // Modish and Main

DIY Sunglasses Display // Modish and Main

There you have it, a quick & easy way to create a sunglasses holder.

– Kristin

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