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In hopes that we’ve all made some resolutions for the New Year, we’re hoping that it involves something along the lines of letting your true self shine & not holding back for anything. It’s about going after the true potential we have and the passions we harbor for things we love.

Have you ever asked yourself — what if there was nothing standing in my way, no financial restrictions, no job restrictions, just a clean slate to go after whatever it is I’ve ever wanted. What would you do with that freedom?

Is it a dream job, a hobby, a skill? Even though January 1st marked the start of a New Year, it’s still just another day. Another day to go after your dreams. I haven’t kicked myself for not having my plans thought out for 2015, rather I embraced going through the process of figuring out what is I want to achieve this year and am determined to go after those goals full speed ahead.

So I say to you…. “Do not hide your light, let it shine.”

"Do Not Hide Your Light, Let It Shine." — Lailah Gifty Akita #inspirational quote
Photography by Kristin Mansky


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