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Entertaining your family and friends for a certain holiday, cheering on your favorite team, or just to enjoy each others company doesn’t need to be stressful, but does require some essentials.

entertaining essentials1. Altuzarra Cocktail Set* // 2. C.Wonder Golden Chevron Glasses // 3. Polka Dot and Cheers! Coasters // 4. Stainless Steel Straws // 5. Pint Glass with Crown // 6. Vinturi Wine Aerator // 7. Wooden Muddler with Pouch // 8. Stainless Steel Bar Set // 9. Lemon Beverage Sticks

*the Altuzarra Cocktail Set was originally made available for the Neiman Marcus + Target Holiday Collection. Occasionally the full set or individual cocktail glasses will become available online. The C.Wonder chevron glasses are a great alternative!

Whether you are serving wine, beer or cocktails, having these essentials on hand keeps you prepared for even the unexpected get-together and your bar cart well stocked! Cheers to a great week ahead!


2 comments on “Entertaining Essentials”

  1. Love all the choices! About half of them are actually on my wedding registries already haha. I was also lucky enough to score one of the Altuzarra sets around the holidays… sadly I gave it away as a gift, I knew I should’ve picked up one for myself!

    1. I grabbed a set of the Altuzarra old fashioned glasses when they were on clearance in January for only $15 and am kicking myself that I didn’t buy oodles of them! Determined to find them on discount again and I’ll be sure to let you know!

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