Fall To Do List


Happy Fall | Modish and Main


1 — Visit a Pumpkin Patch

2 — Wear Plaid

3 — Go Camping
I wouldn’t mind if we ventured back up north along the coast to camp under the stars of Big Sur!

4 — Enjoy Time Well Spent Around the Fire Pit

5 — Sip on Pumpkin Cider (or Beer)
I can’t wait to try Harpoon Brewery’s Pumpkin Cider, but I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on Woodchuck’s Pumpkin Private Reserve this season!

6 — Read a Book While Snuggled Under Blanket
The next book on my Reading Challenge is Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll. Looks to be a page turner! P.S. I’ve read 34 of 45 books that I set out to achieve this year!

7 — Accessorize with a Scarf
Hit two birds with one stone with this gorgeous plaid cashmere scarf from Sole Society

8 — Cheer on My Favorite Football Team (ahem… the Packers)
I’ll be cheering against the 49ers this weekend when I go see the game LIVE with my Dad, brother and Sean! Go Pack Go! 

9 — Drink Warm Apple Cider
Maybe even spike it with this easy recipe

10 — Create a Delicious Pumpkin Dessert (gluten free of course!)

Do you have any fun plans or goals to accomplish this season? I just wish it felt more like fall, it could be hard for me to achieve some of these lofty goals when it’s over 80º.

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4 comments on “Fall To Do List”

  1. Love your list! I just posted my own, too! For a momeny, I thought you lived in the Boston area when I saw Harpoon on your list. Let me just saw, their brewery (and beer and pretzels) sure are something special – especially the pumpkin cider! A+ choice 🙂


    1. Hey Ana, great to hear from you!! I’m still reading good books, just definitely not cuddled under any blankets or by a cozy fireside! I hope you’re doing great, thanks for reaching out!

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