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Fall Travel Plans


There is so much excitement being that it’s September and I’ve got some fun fall travel plans lined up which means sharing more gorgeous scenic photography!

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This year I have been quite the busy little travel bee! It started in January with a trip back home to Wisconsin, then to Beaver Creek, Colorado for our annual ski trip, to New York City, back to Wisconsin, a memorable Italy trip followed up with our usual Lake Tahoe vacation and now here we are in September with more travel plans on the books.

The thing is, I love it. I absolutely love to travel and now that I got my first taste of going overseas, I’m hooked. Thus…. when my dear friend, Aisha, invited me to her wedding this fall in Santorini I didn’t hesitate in saying “YES!”

That’s right, I’m going to Greece in a few weeks! Never in a million years did I think I would get the chance to go to Italy or Greece, but to do it within 3 months of each other is absolutely insane. My brother, Ryan, is going to be my date and I couldn’t be more excited. We are a pretty adventurous duo and we’re looking forward to plenty of donkey rides, some cruising around in ATV’s and hiking around the island to capture all the insane views. Get ready for some more gorgeous travel photography!


Traveling to Santorini, Greece for a Wedding | Modish and Main

Traveling to Santorini, Greece for a Wedding | Modish and Main

The remainder of fall entails a trip to San Diego with my good friend, Jill of The 805 Diary, to attend a 2-day social media workshop hosted by Social Studio Shop. Then in November we’re planning a trip with Sean’s family to the beautiful, vivacious city of New Orleans. As of right now, I don’t have any travel plans for the holidays and I think I’d like to keep that it way this year. Maybe I can convince some of my family to visit me!

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  1. You are such a busy bee these days. I LOVE your blog and all of your inspirational posts. So much so, it’s kinda a problem for me now. I look around my home and realize I am in desperate need of some updating. I need a Kristen Makeover stat!!!

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