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Favorite Road Trip Snacks


My love for adventure means hitting the open road en route to new destinations. To get through the long drives I rely on my favorite road trip snacks.

Favorite Road Trip Snacks | Modish and MainIf you would have asked me even as little as two years ago to embark on a 2000+ mile road trip, I promptly would have answered no. I’ve never been a big fan of sitting in a car for extended periods of time and more often than not, I couldn’t keep my eyes open even 10 miles into the trip. Thankfully, I’ve had a major change of heart and thoroughly love road trips now (taken 3 BIG ones in the past year), but it isn’t without strategic planning to get me through them. As a self-admitted habitual snacker, you can always bet that I have my favorite road trip snacks packed along.

Favorite Road Trip Snacks | Modish and Main

Now, I’m a big believer in a balance of healthy”ish” road trip snacks with the occasional sugar splurge. Everything you see pictured here does not fall into what I consider a “sugar splurge.” That category is promptly reserved for my Starburst mini bites that are ridiculously addicting and only allowed on my travels.

I don’t love a lot of unnecessary stops while on a road trip, especially if it’s for snacks. I’m eager to get to my destination and reserve random stops for exploring, not drive-thrus. For this last road trip (post coming next) I actually packed a huge bag full of my favorite road trip snacks into my carry-on since I know they aren’t always the easiest to find in grocery stores. TSA even made me remove them ALL from my bag because it seemed a bit excessive. Apparently, preparedness is seen as an anomaly.

Here’s my go-to list of favorite road trip snacks. I purchase most of them from Thrive Market to get them at great prices! (P.S. First time orders get 25% off!)

  1. Sunflower Seeds — these are an absolute must when trying to pass time. Don’t forget to grab a cup or bag to spit the seeds in!
  2. Jerky — adding some protein in your snack game is essential to prevent excessive snacking. Try and choose high-quality jerky or sticks that aren’t filled with unnecessary additives. Chomps has some great options!
  3. Peanut / Almond/ Cashew Butter Packets — these are the perfect road trip snack as you could eat it right out of the pouch, put it on rice cakes or even celery or apple slices. A great, healthy snack option.
  4. Protein Bites — the more protein-rich your snacks are, the more satisfied you’ll feel. I’ll either make a batch of these energy balls or purchase these Tone It Up Peanut Butter Protein Bites which are great during or after a long hike.
  5. Gummy Worms — without fail I always pack gummy worms when I travel. Instead of splurging on those “Starburst mini’s” that I know I shouldn’t have, I buy in bulk Surf Sweets. They are free of high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and flavors, and the top ten allergens.
  6. Crunchy Chickpeas — when you’re looking for that crunchy snack, grab a few handfuls of crunchy chickpeas. They utterly addicting and quite good for you.
  7. Sweet Treats — always, always have an assortment of sweet treats on hand and my go-to is Cocomel’s

Favorite Road Trip Snacks | Modish and Main

I am quite literally obsessed with Cocomel’s dairy-free caramels (in flavors of original, vanilla, espresso and sea salt) and chocolate covered caramels (also in flavors of vanilla, sea salt, espresso).  To top it off, they just released these ridiculously amazing chocolate covered caramel bars that quench all your sweet tooth needs. Did I mention I’m obsessed?

My journey with dairy free & gluten free has led me to find such amazing brands that truly care about crafting mindful foods with authentic, real ingredients. Cocomel’s is one of those brands and I’ve been a loyal caramel eater ever since discovering them a few years ago.

Favorite Road Trip Snacks Including Cocomel's Dairy Free Caramels | Modish and MainFavorite Road Trip Snacks Including Cocomel's Dairy Free Caramels | Modish and Main

So there you have it, I’m now a fan of road trips and it simply all might be because I get to enjoy all my favorite road trip snacks at one time! What are some of your go-to snacks when you’re off on an adventure?

Favorite Road Trip Snacks Including Cocomel's Dairy Free Caramels | Modish and Main

Thank you Cocomel’s for supporting my love of road trips and dairy free sweet treats!

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