Flea Market Hunting : March 2015


As I’ve mentioned before here on the blog that stopping over at flea markets has become one of my favorite things to do and it gets so much more fun when my Mom or Dad is around to join me. For some reason, when I try to go on my own, I get so overwhelmed and I completely lose the vision of what I want to decorate and I can’t pull the trigger on anything! That and I’m still working on my negotiating skills but that’s what Dad is for.

On Sunday, my Dad and I went to the Ventura Flea Market over at the fairgrounds and had a ton of luck! We started off pretty slow, but ended up with a full cart and his arms full. Most of these photos aren’t going to be of my purchases, you’ll have to pop over to Instagram to see sneak peeks of what I found as I start to place them throughout my house.

Don’t worry though… I’ll also start to photograph them in my home so they can make their blog debut soon! A few of the items need a bit of work first.

Vintage Coca Cola Sign | Modish and Main

Flea Market Ventura, CA | Modish and Main

We spent a good 15 minutes looking at these incredible vintage stenograph photos that this gentleman had drawers and drawers full of. If he wasn’t asking over $2000 for it all, it had a legitimate shot of coming home with us. It was just so much fun to look at all these great photos taken years and years ago!Vintage Stenograph Photo | Modish and Main

Flea Market Ventura, CA | Modish and MainThis is a pretty cool table! If I had a large patio space, this would have a shot at coming home with me. It reminds me of where I come from, lots of farm fields. My Dad had fun talking to the lady on what type of tractor model it was!Flea Market Ventura, CA | Modish and Main

Ok… I’ll tell you this. If I had this tricycle as a kid I would have owned my block! Well, not really but I sure would have been that cool kid riding the vintage pink tric up & down the sidewalks. The woman was asking quite a bit for it otherwise I think my Dad was going to buy it for his granddaughter! Flea Market Ventura, CA | Modish and MainHere’s a sneak peek at something we did end up buying and it’s already hung in my home office!! This industrial pendant light goes perfectly in the space and I honestly couldn’t be happier. It actually has another bulb that points downward too. I can’t wait to show you how good it looks hung up! Flea Market Ventura, CA | Modish and MainFlea Market Ventura, CA | Modish and Main

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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