Flea Market Hunting : May 2015


I love a Sunday that involves flea market hunting! Living in Ventura, I’m spoiled that we get a big flea market event 4-5 times a year and that’s where I tend to score lots of my home decor or DIY projects. This trip was particularly exciting for me in that my bestie, Lindsay, came along for her first time! In my opinion, it’s always way more fun and productive of a trip when you have a companion along to run ideas by.

Ventura Flea Market | Modish and Main

I didn’t go too crazy with purchases this time around, but what I did get I’m pretty excited about. How about these rustic wood shutters I scored for only $40? I’m thinking of using them as a DIY headboard in the guest room or as wall decor in either the living room or upstairs hallways. They already have the perfect stain that’ll work against my grey walls!

Rustic Wood Shutters | Flea Market Find

There is lots of looking before there’s any buying! I loved all these antique washboards and fireman tools of the trade. My mom used to have some in her house so I’m thinking of flea market hunting their house while I’m back in June!

Vintage Washboards | Flea Market Find

The hunt for a vintage typewriter has finally come to an end! Although I didn’t end up getting this amazing antique Corona edition (can you say $$$), I scored a Royal edition that was in pristine condition and already looks good displayed in my office! I can’t wait to share it with you today on Instagram.

Vintage Corona Typewriter | Flea Market Finds

These gorgeous french linens are from the late 1800’s! They were seriously stunning and in excellent condition. I’m kind of regretting not grabbing a few throw pillows for around the house.

Vintage French Linens | Flea Market Find

Lindsay did great on her first flea market hunt! She wheeled and dealed on this beautiful antique floor mirror and scored it at a great price! I can’t wait to see where she ends up putting it in the house.

Vintage Decor Mirror | Modish and Main

Vintage Decor Mirror | Modish and Main

In a couple of weeks I’ll actually be driving over to the Rose Bowl Flea Market with my Mom to really hunt for some cool treasures. It’s about 5x the size of the Ventura Flea Market and an endless array of goodies to sort through. I can’t wait to show you what I find!

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