Flea Market Hunting : April


flea market finds

A few weeks ago when my parents were visiting, we headed out to the Ventura Flea Market to see what type of goodies we could find. I’ve only been to a flea market a few times and definitely appreciate the help of family to spot the “diamonds in the rough.”

flea market almost purchasesA vintage table // 1930s Video Camera // Baubles Galore (none of these made it home with us)

Unfortunately, the rare occasion that southern California gets rain happened to be on this day and quite a few vendors packed up early to salvage their goods. None the less, we didn’t let a little rain stop us!

kristin flea market shoppingHere is one of the great finds my Mom helped me with. I saw it as a damaged, plain white table and she saw it as the perfect patio table.

flea market white tableI definitely had my say when it came to choosing the color … coral of course!

painting flea market tableHanding over the accolades on this one to my Mom for all the DIY work. She did pretty much all of this while I was at LuckyFABB. I love the finished product!

flea market coral tableIt was just what the front patio needed to give it some vibrancy and overall, the house appears much more welcoming. A couple new seat covers and an outdoor rug would pull this all together.

flea market coral tableWhat do you think? Do you venture out to your local flea markets looking for the next great treasure or a DIY project?

I’ll be showing you more of what we found in the coming weeks!

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