Flea Market Hunting : May


I ventured back over to the Ventura Flea Market this past Sunday to peruse aisle after aisle of old, presumably unwanted goods. With no one to help me spot the “diamond in the rough” this time, I found myself scanning rather than hunting for the next big find. (I also learned to never go on an empty stomach!)

Still…. I enjoyed the experience and am becoming quite fond of the adventure overall!

flea market wine crate

flea market wine crates

With the help of my dad, we nabbed these wine crates. After letting them dry out, applying a coat of stain, they looked good as new!

wine crate bookcase

wine crate bookcase

They ended up working great as a little bookcase to hold some of our favorites books, abundance of magazines and a few trinkets.

Vintage Motorola AM Portable Radio

I had to have this vintage Motorola radio when I first saw it a few weeks back. It reminded me of a modern, vintage handbag and thought it would be fun to display on a shelf. The handle turns and functions as the antenna and all the cords tuck away nicely inside the body of it too. (I was able to score another one at last weekend’s flea market, but I just need to clean it up first!)

wine crate bookcase

I’d love to hear if you go to flea markets, what you’re looking for and any tips you have!




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