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Flea Market Tiered Ladder Shelving


Another flea market find being put to use in today’s post! I had a love at first sight experience with this tiered ladder shelving piece. I pictured it being used for stacked potted plants out on my patio or used as a decorative object inside the house to give a room some added height. The problem was, the guy was asking quite a bit for it and wasn’t budging from his magic number.

We walked away to continue browsing the aisles but I honestly couldn’t stop thinking about it. I told my Dad that if it was still there on our way out that I would buy it. Sure enough, it was still there. Tried a bit more to negotiate with the gentleman but with no such luck I ended up paying the magic number. I didn’t regret it, because look at it! It’s such a character piece with the perfect rustic wood touches and lots of functionality depending on how I feel like using it. 

Tiered Ladder Shelving | Flea Market Find | Modish and Main

Tiered Ladder Shelving | Flea Market Find | Modish and Main

I’m working my green thumb skills by starting off with a self-potted succulent grouping. I actually purchased all three of these plants at the flea market as well! They should be easy to take care of, low-maintenance and I love the overall “look” they give to the shelving next to my vintage jars also found at the flea market awhile back. Shelving Decor | Succulents and Vintage Jars

Succulent Plant | Modish and Main

Since decorating is always a work in progress and nothing ever stays in one place too long. For now I’m using the shelves to store some extra blankets, serving bowls and decor objects. Tiered Ladder Shelving | Flea Market Find | Modish and Main

Shelving Decor | Modish and Main

Tiered Ladder Shelving | Flea Market Find | Modish and Main

If I can offer any tip at this point to maximize your future flea market trip, if you really love something and you can’t stop thinking about it…. then it’s worth it!

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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