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Goldens on the Lake


I’ve spent the past 4 days in Wisconsin visiting my family & simply enjoying the gorgeous Memorial Day weekend weather. On Sunday we headed out to the lake with the boat and took along their 3 Golden Retrievers.

My parents rescued 2 Golden Retrievers back in October of last year, a mom & her son, so we weren’t sure what they would think of boating and lake life all together! The oldest Golden, Bailee, knew the routine and showed them how much fun it could be.

Golden Retrievers at the Lake

After a short boat ride, we pulled up to a sandbar and let all 3 dogs run amongst the other boaters and dogs. They absolutely loved it! That’s Bailee in front, followed by Gracie and then Jackson.

Bailee — 10 years old. We’ve had her since she was a puppy. She’s a very emotional dog who requires lots and lots of attention, but we love every bit of “Baby Bailee.” She was a hoot at the lake, fetching sticks in the water and greeting everyone in her way!

Bailee — Golden Retriever

Gracie — 7 years old. She is a part of the rescue pair my parents adopted back in October last year. She is just an absolute sweetheart with such a playful soul. After being quite nervous about “lake life,” we found that she swims just like her name … graceful!

Gracie — Golden Retriever

Jackson — 5 years old. He is quite the handsome fella and there is a lot of him (weighs 105lbs)! He is Gracie’s son, but sure loves to use her as his chew toy! I nicknamed him “The Buffalo” because he is just so big & braun, but has the gentlest demeanor. He’s also scared of his shadow!

Jackson — Golden Retriever

For me, hanging out on the lake made for the perfect day. This is what I miss so much about Wisconsin (not the horrible, 8 month long winter). I hope to be able to make it back again this summer and spend more time on the lake with the family and the pups!

*Gracie & Jackson were rescued from Golden Retriever Rescue of Wisconsin (GROWW). If you love dogs, especially Goldens, take the time to donate to their incredible efforts or look into adopting your next dog as there are so many loving dogs that need a new, forever home. 

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