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There is truly nothing I enjoy more than relaxing on the patio or beach chair and reading a great book. I’ve always loved to read & had a pretty extensive collection of books until the Kindle came around. When I’m really invested into a great book, it’s like the world around me moves in slow motion and the storyline of the book takes the stage front & center.

I’ve always attributed a great read to being as entertaining (if not more) as a movie. A book is often filled with an enormous amount of descriptive language that allows you create your own images & let your imagination run wild. It’s truly one of my favorite things to do.

Thus, I’ve created a collection of great summertime reads that I think you’ll enjoy. All of these are some of my personal favorites with ‘Zamba – The Story of the Greatest Lion to Ever Live’ being my absolute favorite! If you are an animal lover, I guarantee the story of Zamba and/or Modoc will completely captivate you.

Great Summer Reads // Modish & Main

 Modoc // Unbroken // Zamba // Islands of the Damned // Gone Girl // A Sweethaven Summer // One Good Dog // Merle’s Door // A Big Little Life // Tahoe Heat 

I also love stories about our history and there is no disappointment, but rather a feeling of awestruck when you finish either Unbroken or Islands of the Damned. Both of these incredible reads are real life stories from WWII and the details of which they share their memories with us can honestly leave you speechless.

I’ll be leaving for our annual summer vacation to Lake Tahoe in a little under two weeks, but if you’ve ever been there or love a great book that leaves you on the edge of your seat … then I highly suggest you pick up ALL of the “Owen McKenna” series of books written by Todd Borg centered around Lake Tahoe.

Have a wonderful summer kicking back and hopefully enjoying one of these great reads!

– Kristin


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  1. What I love about reading is what you take from what you are reading doesn’t have to be what is expected . You can choose whatever you want to read and whenever you want to read. Reading doesn’t have to teach you a thing but just be what you want it to be!

    1. I love that, thank you so much for sharing that perspective Nani! I personally love what my imagination comes up with for the stories I read …. it’s my favorite part that belongs all to me.

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