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This time of year, with Thanksgiving just a few days away, I try to step back from all the hustle & bustle of what to do this week and really take a moment to reflect on what this holiday means and the things I’m really grateful for.

Having attended a Papyrus event last week at their Century City location, I spotted these adorable “Grateful” cards on the shelf with the cutest sayings that would be perfect to send to my family back home in Wisconsin.

Handwritten Grateful Cards by Papyrus | Modish and Main #papyrusmoment

Handwritten Grateful Cards by Papyrus | Modish and Main #papyrusmoment

Although to some it’s seeming like a lost art, but I love sending a handwritten note whenever possible. It’s a personal connection that cannot happen through email or text and translates a genuine, meaningful message that recipients will often treasure for years to come. That’s why I love using Papyrus cards. Their love for the art of the printed card is shown in their quality, whether it be thick letterpress card stock or handmade details in the beautiful designs. I jokingly say that “when I receive a Papyrus card, I know they really like me!” 

These “Grateful” cards will be arriving this week to family and friends as just a way to remind them that I am grateful for them in my life & I’m thinking of them this time of year. My favorite might be, “I am grateful because… you’ve seen me dance and you still like me.” That’s true friendship right there.

Handwritten Grateful Cards by Papyrus | Modish and Main #papyrusmoment

Handwritten Grateful Cards by Papyrus | Modish and Main #papyrusmoment

With the holidays continuing throughout the next month, take time to pick out a selection of cards and allow yourself a few minutes to write a thoughtful note to those people in your life that truly mean the world to you and let them know why. You never know just how moved your words can be to the person on the receiving end.

Happy Thanksgiving Friends! I’m forever grateful to each and every one of you that stops by this blog and supports this crazy adventure. It still amazes me that anyone comes by to read my written words or glance at my photos and it’s those little notes of kindness I’ve gotten from some of you that keep me pushing forward. So thank you.

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