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Living a healthy life by taking essential vitamins from Touchstone Essentials every day. | Modish and MainWhile I meant to get this healthy living post up during my March Healthy Living Challenge, time got away from me with work and family visiting. None the less, I wanted to share with you how I continue my healthy living by taking my daily vitamins.

I’m the first to admit that I’m notorious for being on a roller coaster of taking vitamins and supplements for a hot second and then falling off the band wagon 2 weeks in. While I still haven’t perfected my system, I have finally found a brand of supplements that I feel confident taking and that it’s truly helping my wellness. Unfortunately our current system simply falls short for making manufacturers adhere to strict standards especially when labeling things “all natural,” “organic” and even “doctor recommended.”  I cannot stress enough that you need to do research before taking any vitamins or supplements as most on the market are only a fraction of what they are marketed as.

Healthy living with Touchstone Essentials organic, plant based supplements. | Modish and Main

Living healthy by taking organic, plant-based supplements by Touchstone Essentials. | Modish and Main

As I have mentioned now in numerous previous posts, I have found that Touchstone Essentials is one of the best brands of health & wellness products. I absolutely love their available nutritional supplements because they’re made with certified organic vegetables, plant-based nutrition, non-GMO & absolutely nothing artificial. What a crazy concept — use real, powerful, natural ingredients and you will notice the results!

While I take almost all of their supplements as a part of my daily vitamin routine, I particularly love their Supergreens +D and Boost Focus Fuel (as well as Wellspring, though not pictured). Just take a look at their ingredients list & it’ll be no surprise why I love these daily vitamins so much! I’ve noticed within myself that once I got the confidence about the brand of supplements I was taking, I have become much more diligent about remembering to take them. The days I forget (I’m human), I feel off and less energetic. That’s incentive enough to keep taking them. I keep them now in my smoothie cabinet so I can remember to take them throughout the day (I even keep a water bottle right there so it reminds me!).

Enjoy a super green juice at the beach with Touchstone Essentials | Modish and Main

Healthy Living with Touchstone Essentials. Organic, plant based wellness products. | Modish and MainI’d love to know if your healthy living includes taking daily vitamins everyday and what those are? I’m always learning & hearing amazing stories how supplements have changed someone’s life (yes seriously!). That’s why I take the Wellspring supplement because it has Turmeric in the list of ingredients which help fight the tremendous amounts of inflammation in my body. So much better than having to do these Turmeric shots I was doing before!

Keep Living a (Healthy) Stylized Life.

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