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Home Office : Industrial Inspired Shelving


Piece by piece my home office is slowing coming together. I’ve got a great DIY post on my desk coming soon (it turned out AMAZING), you’ve seen the DIY Instagram picture frames that’s hanging on one wall and I shared some overall inspirational office looks that I’m aiming for.  Now I’m just really ready to get my back wall complete with a full set of industrial inspired shelving.

I almost pulled the trigger on the “Emerson” shelving from World Market (can’t beat the price!), but they were out of stock when I got to the store which ended up with me going home and doing 2+ hours of research as to what’s all available. And here we are with this post because I literally created this image below so I could compare my options all together.

Home Office : Industrial Inspired Shelving

Row 1 : RH ‘Wyatt’ | RH “Dutch Industrial” | RH “Parisian Cornice”
Row 2: World Market “Emerson” | RH “French Library”
Row 3: Dot & Bo “Count On It” | Wayfair “Crestview Industria” | Ballard Designs “Durham”
Row 4: West Elm “Rustic Modular” | West Elm “Rustic Modular” Cabinet | Wayfair “Kingstown Home”
Row 5: Ballard Designs “Sonoma” | Ballard Designs “Toulouse”
Row 6: Pottery Barn “Lincoln” | Crate & Barrell “Beckett”

Obviously I have a budget I need to keep in mind and with each of the single column bookcases I’d have to order 2-3 to cover the space of my back wall.  This basically eliminates the potential for my beloved Restoration Hardware shelving to make it into the space (unless they magically appear very soon in a pair at the outlet!) along with that gorgeous Pottery Barn piece.  I do love the West Elm “Rustic Modular” piece with the cabinets on the bottom as it would be nice to keep some things out of sight. It isn’t cheap, but it definitely scores more points on the functionality scale. The same goes for the Dot & Bo bookcase, but my hangup with this piece is that it doesn’t ship until mid-March. I’m way to impatient for that!

Ohhh I don’t know what to do! There are so many factors to consider and in the end, it’s going into my home office where I spent 6-10 hours a day and it’s about creating a unique space that speaks to my personality and serves the function I need it to. I really can’t go wrong with any of the selections. I’ll just start to widdle down my list one by one.

I will keep you posted on what I decide and will hopefully have an updated home office post for you soon! Trust me… it looks NOTHING like my previous space in the last house seen here.

Keep Living a Stylized Space. 

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