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Home Office Wood Shelving Redesigned


After almost 5 years of living in our home, it was time for my home office wood shelving to get redesigned.

Home Office Industrial Wood Shelving Decor | Modish and Main

After getting home from our trip to Lake Tahoe this weekend, I went to unpack my laptop bag and ended up spending the next 4 hours in my home office purging items and giving my wood shelving a redesign. I’ve been uninspired for quite some time with my home office and have slowly pulled items down from my wood shelving, but haven’t been sure about what route I wanted to go with what items to put back on display.

I feel myself going in the minimalist direction (thanks to my friend/associate, Christina), but am taking baby steps to get there. I’m over senseless, non-functional “stuff” cluttering my life and feel this big sense of relief once I donate the items to give them a second life. I definitely have a less is more approach lately and wanted to give my home office a kickstart in that direction.

Home Office Industrial Wood Shelving Decor | Modish and Main

To get started, I took every single item off my shelving (here’s what it previously looked like) AND my butcher block desk. This allowed me to look at everything from a new perspective and determine what was a necessity and what was frivolous. Armloads of items exited my home office straight to a donation pile and a major reorganization of strategic boxes (as shown in white above) and files was essential. It’s amazing once you step back how much you realize that you’re surrounded by mounds of unnecessary stuff.

Home Office Industrial Wood Shelving Decor | Modish and Main

One of the biggest decor changes you might have noticed that is no longer present are my large, galvanized M&M letters. They obviously stood for Modish & Main, but the Modish brand has evolved from just the blog to my creative marketing + photographer business, Modish Digital and my lifestyle adventure  brand, Modish Wanderer. While I don’t have plans to put the word MODISH up on my shelves, I did want to remove the “business” aspect from the wood shelving and decorate it with inspirational items that have a personal connection with me such as my collection of vintage cameras.

These were previously on display on a floating wood shelving unit outside my home office, but since I have such a passion for photography, I felt it was more fitting to have them INSIDE my everyday space. It truly brings a smile to face to look at the vintage photographs of my grandparents and be surrounded by things that have true intention to my everyday life.

*Read more about how I decorate my house from my The Glitter Guide interview a few years back.

I’ll plan on giving you an update on my desk situation in the near future, but let’s just say it’s down to the bare minimum of what needs to be on my desk and there is no more decor on the walls. It’s time for a refresh and that might include a coat of new paint and some fun new artwork. Stay tuned!

Also, speaking of new artwork….  I grabbed the beautiful piece of artwork while I was in Lake Tahoe from my new friends over at Tahoe Nevada Love. Tahoe will forever hold a special place in my heart as I’ve been going there with my family every summer for over 12 years and thought this would look great hung up in my home office.

Let me know what you think of the new wood shelving redesign!

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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