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I feel like I’ve actually made some progress decorating my home. I can’t believe how picky I am this time around on choosing things, but I guess a slow and thought out process is better than a rushed one. If you’re following @modishandmain on Instagram, you’ve been getting sneak peeks at this space all week long.

The one room in the house I feel is 85% complete would be our dining room. Our favorite feature, and ultimately a big decision into why we built this home, was due to the open floor plan. We love how the kitchen, dining room and living room are one large open space that allows for conversation and flow of movement from one area to another. I’ll admit, we rarely sit down for a meal at our table (unless guests are over), but we often use this space for game playing and plenty of photoshoots due to the loads of available natural light.

Restoration Hardware 1900s Boulangerie Rustic Wood Dining Table | Modish and Main

Let me walk you through the space.

Since it is a dining room, a main feature should always be your table. My Mom actually gifted us this table from Restoration Hardware back in August. It was the first piece that was purchased it mind with the new house and the completely updated aesthetics I was going for. I’m completely obsessed with the rawness of the wood and the hidden extension feature. The description from the RH website describes it perfectly —

“A reproduction of the early 1900s French bakery table common to the country’s famed patisseries and boulangeries, we repurposed decades-old wood reclaimed from scaffolding in Great Britain to capture its time-worn appeal.”

I will admit, these types of tables with the raw wood are not for the faint of heart. Any little drop of liquid will leave it’s mark on the table. In only 7 short months, I have my fair share of them. Whenever guests come over, a clear protective tablecloth goes on followed by a decorative cloth for protection.

Dining Room Home Tour | Modish and Main

Let’s just plan on throughout my home tour and future ones to come that they’ll be plenty of Restoration Hardware pieces. As I’ve mentioned before, I live only 10 minutes from their outlet store and frequent it often looking for unique pieces to fit into my home.

That goes for this amazing piece of wall art featuring some of the beach locations along the coast of California. I’ve been pretty reluctant when it comes to purchasing ANYTHING for the walls, but when I saw this piece I marked a hold on it immediately. It’s every bit rustic, beachy and the perfect tone of wood for our space. I could have put it many places, but for now it hangs in the dining room above our bar cart.

Restoration Hardware Reclaimed Wood Wall Art | Modish and Main Dining Room Tour

Restoration Hardware Reclaimed Wood California Wall Art | Modish and Main Dining Room Tour

Speaking of bar carts, I was so thrilled to find this hiding underneath a slew of pillows at our local TJMaxx. It has the wood tones, an industrial bottle opener attached to it, two shelves, racks for glasses and it’s on casters. A mobile bar should always be at the top of your list!

Wood Bar Cart | TJ Maxx | Modish and Main Dining Room Home Tour

As you can see, we aren’t short on stock of our favorite liquors. One of our weekend hobbies is to try recipes from our favorite books (here & here), usually involving whiskey but not exclusively. If we aren’t mixing up cocktails then we’re indulging in a nice bottle of wine or some craft beers. I know, I know… rough life.

Wood Bar Cart at TJMaxx | Modish and Main Dining Room Home Tour

On the topic of wine, we utilize the craft of making it as decor features throughout this space. In one corner we have a wine barrel that comes from Koehler Winery in Los Olivos, CA. It’s something I treasure as my grandmother’s maiden name is Koehler (no relation) and my Dad surprised us with the barrel after a visit to the winery years ago. It makes for the perfect impromptu wine tasting spot!

Dining Room Home Tour | Modish and Main

Wine Barrel Home Decor | Modish and Main

We also have a vintage wine press that stems from back in the early 1920’s. Again, with the help of my Dad we nabbed this at a local flea market. It’s made of wood and cast iron making it VERY heavy! I just love the uniqueness of this piece and the character it brings to the room. (The only time it’s a good thing that my Dad lives 2000+ miles away is that he wants to take this home with him! Good luck getting it there!)

Vintage Wine Press | Modish and Main

Vintage Wine Press | Modish and Main

The main focal point of the space has to be our industrial/rustic chandelier from Pottery Barn. I am so completely head over heels in love with this fixture. I truly don’t think there could be a better fit for our dining room. The best part, it’s appropriately named for our house being that it’s called Napa Wine Barrel Chandelier. Match made in heaven.

Pottery Barn Napa Wine Barrel Chandelier | Modish and Main

Pottery Barn Napa Wine Barrel Chandelier | Dining Room Home Tour on Modish and Main

A few other features include our gorgeous patterned curtains from West Elm that I purchased months before the house was done being built. I was sure of one thing all along, grey tones. These just help give some character to the space. I also grabbed a few decorative pieces like the large fork & spoon on either side of the window and the wood wall sconces from World Market (unfortunately I can’t find either of them on the website).

Wood Sconces at World Market | Modish and Main Dining Room Home Tour

Dining Room Home Tour | Modish and Main

Lastly, the jute rug. To keep in theme with the au natural texture of things in the house we opted to move the rug from it’s previous location in the last house (living room) to under the dining table. It’s a great size and color for the space and I may even try to find a smaller, unique rug to layer over it. Note — the raw jute rugs do give off a decent amount of natural dust and debris. Be sure to use a rug pad and clean under it often. 

There it is! I hope you enjoyed the first room tour of the new house.

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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10 comments on “Home Tour : Dining Room”

  1. Hello, fellow Californian 🙂

    My husband and I are considering the same RH dining room table (in the gray wash) and we have a ton of concerns about damaging it through everyday wear and tear. Thank you for your honest account of it. We’ve heard that there are special clear coats (Monocoat) that you can use on it to protect it, but we aren’t DIYers to say the least and are afraid of ruining it. We’ll see! It’s on sale right now and I’m so tempted…what size did you get?

    Beautiful home by the way and I’m looking forward to reading more and possibly stealing some of your ideas!

    1. Hi Maria!

      Ohhhh my beloved Boulangerie RH table. I have a serious LOVE/HATE relationship with it. We purchased the 72″ with a hidden leaf that would make it a 96″ table (I love that feature!). My love for the table is that it is raw wood and has so much character, but my hate for the table is that even one drop of water can permanently show up. I unfortunately left a glass of beer on the table from a photoshoot and it left one doozy of a watermark on the table. Thankfully, a table runner covers it up, but it’s there and I know it. Now Julie Blanner (julieblanner.com) talks about how she got an RH dining table and applied the wax/clear coat and she was really upset with how it did change the tone of the wood and therefore they ended up having to do a modification to the entire table. It’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation. What I’ve learned is to always have at least a runner on the table for an impromptu setting down of an item and then when we are having guests over, I purchased a clear, plastic table cloth that I will put down first followed by a pretty tablecloth. That way, any spills or drips you do not have to worry about. Hope that helps!

  2. I really like the wall art featuring some of the beach locations along the coast of California. Where can I purchase a piece like that?

    1. Hi Rachelena! The California beach art work is from Restoration Hardware, but I scored it at their outlet a few years ago. I haven’t been able to find anything similar lately!

  3. I am going to buy the same table. Only thing is I bought only last year a whole set of black painted Windsor spindle dining chairs for a pretty heft sum and don’t want to toss them and spend a bunch on ones to match the table. Do you think the chairs could look ok even though they are so opposite the raw natural wood of the RH table?

    1. Hi Ale!

      Actually, I currently love the look of mix and matching with the dining room table setup. I think it could look great with the raw wood and then black chairs. Brown & black have always been a great combo. I’d suggest adding a runner as well then too!

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