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How to Display Dainty Necklaces


Raise your hand if you have a lot of jewelry.

Raise both hands if you have an abundance of jewelry.

Ok, well both hands and feet are raised as I have to admit I definitely have quite a collection of jewelry. I will be honest though, I do work in the jewelry industry so I’m chalking this up to all being a part of the job.

As I have come to find, if I can’t see my jewelry, I simply won’t wear it. Since I’ve been on a streak of moving every 15-18 months, I’ve come up with some pretty creative ideas of how to display my jewelry. I haven’t however, been able to come up a simple & effective way to display all those delicate necklaces that love to get tangled together until now!

This brings me to Part 1 of Jewelry Organizing & Displaying.

Inspired by a post I saw on Cupcakes and Cashmere about a delicate necklace solution, I set out to accomplish something similar but it had to leave far fewer nail holes as I rent my home.

How to Display Delicate Necklaces

Since I have a slight obsession with 3M Command products & use them all over the rest of my house, I sought out the aisle in Target to see what they had to help me in the jewelry organizing department.

Woila! The perfect solution was starring me right in the face …. 3M Command Clear Mini Hooks in a value pack.

3M Command Clear Mini Hooks

Instead of pounding in lots of little tiny nail holes (did I mention just how much jewelry I had?!?!), I would simply adhere these damage-free clear hanging hooks to the back wall of my office closet. No more tangled chains and I’ll be able to quickly see my entire collection of delicate necklaces at-a-glance. Bonus!

Display Delicate Necklaces using 3M Command Clear Mini Hooks

Since the 3M Command products all have this nifty tab that makes it a breeze to remove, I used that as my spacing guide when adhering them to the wall. I started with all my silver necklaces, then moved on to my gold necklaces so they were in some sort of order.

Display Delicate Necklaces with 3M Command Clear Mini Hooks

So now my delicate necklaces are displayed on the black wall of my office closet and my larger, statement necklaces are hung in front on the closet shelving bar. This makes all the jewelry have more room and much easier to see & grab the piece I want.

Organizing my Delicate Necklaces

How do you display your jewelry, specifically your delicate necklaces?

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Jewelry Organizing & Displaying where I’ll be showing you how I display ALL the other goodies!

– Kristin

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