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How to Organize Your Camera Gear


As a professional photographer you end up with a lot of equipment, so I wanted to share some ideas on how to organize your camera gear.

How to Organize Your Camera Gear | Modish and Main

Since I first picked up a DSLR camera 6 years ago and have since become a professional photographer,  I never could have imagined how much camera gear I’d own. From the multiple camera bodies that I own and subsequent lenses to the camera bags, tripods,  step-stools, batteries, SD cards, cleansing clothes, reflectors, and on and on. Since I recently updated my beautiful home office and created more designated spaces, I thought to share with you some ideas on how to organize your camera gear.

When it comes to decorating or organizing any room or project in your house, I always start with functionality and then blend in my aesthetics. For me, what was most important is that my everyday camera gear was easily accessible and safely stored. Once I laid out every single piece of gear, I then evaluated how I could efficiently organize everything and make myself more productive in the process.

How to Organize Your Camera Gear | Modish and Main

When I was shopping for the shelves at The Container Store to go under the windows, I was thrilled when I saw they had a tall, skinnier version that I could tuck away in the corner of my home office. I don’t want people to be able to look in my front windows and immediately see that I have thousands of dollars worth of camera gear. Once I got the shelf in place, the design part was done and now the organizational fun begins!

Anyone else love getting lost in a re-organizing project for hours on end?

I’m the first to admit that I’m a sucker for a good camera bag. I’m always on the hunt for camera bags  that don’t scream “look at me I have a camera,” but rather appear like a stylish handbag but with tons of functionality. My favorites are THEIT ‘Colt’, Lo & Sons ‘Claremont’, Kelly Moore ‘The Austin’ and my newest bag, Kelly Moore ‘Kate 2.0.’ These sit right on my new shelf so I can grab one and go depending on the type of shoot I have.

I also have a galvanized bin that holds a lot of the little knick knacks like cleansing clothes, camera straps, lens filters, etc. There is a rule that everything needs to have a home so don’t be afraid to organize within your organizing project (i.e. there are little boxes and containers inside the galvanized bin so it’s not a hot mess when you open it).

My tripods and mini step stool tuck away on the sides of the shelf and my camera bodies sit nicely on top. This whole area sits behind my office door so it’s out of the way and no chance of being knocked over.

Now for my extra lenses.

How to Organize Your Camera Gear | Modish and Main

While Joanna Gaines created this gorgeous white canvas case for cosmetics, I grabbed it with the sole intention of organizing my camera lenses. I’m mildly obsessed with this case and how perfect it works for storing my gear. If you aren’t aware, the most expensive piece of equipment as a professional photographer is our camera lenses. You don’t want this lying around with the chance of being knocked over, spilled on or even collecting dust. I’m able to fit 3 lenses + lens hoods and even my extra batteries and SD cards all in this case (+ my fun Polaroid camera). It’s not only incredibly functional for organizing your camera gear, but it’s in the perfect location for me to grab another lens or two when I’m headed out for a project.

It’s currently sold out, but the minute they restock the canvas case I’m buying 2-3 more so I can actually use one for my cosmetics when traveling and the other for backup. They do have these versions in stock (here, here & here), but I haven’t visually seen how they’d work for organizing your camera gear.

Don’t forget that you can always visit the Modish & Main shop and select the photography equipment collection to see all the gear I’m currently using.

There you have it! My tips for how to organize your camera gear so you can feel secure knowing your most prized possession(s) are safely stored and you’ll be more productive since everything will have a home. Let me know if you have any questions. Always happy to help!

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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