How To Organize Your Gift Wrap Supplies


If there has ever been a product that has been able to organize one part of my life so swiftly it has to be the gift wrap cart from The Container Store. This cart has magically organized all of my gift wrap supplies while simultaneously eliminating excessive bins and wasted space in the garage.

How to Organize Gift Wrap Supplies | Modish and Main #thecontainerstore

I was first introduced to the gift wrap cart while at my blogger preview party of The Container Store that just opened down the street (yes, I said down the street!). The first feature that I loved was that it was on wheels. This is a game-changer at it makes it so versatile & easy to move from where you have it stored (which is under the stairs for me). Secondly, the slide-out drawers in different depths made it the ideal storage solution for organizing all my gift bags, tissue paper, paper cutter, gift tags, markers, scissors and on and on…

How to Organize Gift Wrap Supplies | Modish and Main #thecontainerstore

How to Organize Gift Wrap Supplies | Modish and Main #thecontainerstore

How to Organize Gift Wrap Supplies | Modish and Main #thecontainerstore

How to Organize Gift Wrap Supplies | Modish and Main #thecontainerstore

Pssst… another organizing tip is to use those pretty recycled boxes that come each month from Birchbox to help organize one of the drawers that holds all those miscellaneous items. 

The icing on the cake was the gift wrap storage on the side of the cart along with a spool to hold ribbon and washi tape. We all know the annoyance of storing long rolls of gift wrap and this makes it a breeze to see your entire selection at a quick glance. No longer do I need one bin for regular gift wrap and another bin for my holiday gift wrap. It’s all in one place.


How to Organize Gift Wrap Supplies | Modish and Main #thecontainerstore

Since I’ve only had the gift wrap cart a few weeks, it’s certainly come in handy wrapping holiday gifts. I just wheel it out from under the stairs and get to wrapping without having to search for anything. I also use it throughout the week when I ship items sold from my Poshmark closet. This has become quite the extra little hobby for me & I was constantly going out to the garage to grab supplies to ship items and now I have everything in one spot. Buy purchasing this one gift wrap cart I was able to free up two long storage bins, a medium size bin and a cubby in my ikea storage unit. That’s a lot of extra space I now have!


Needless to say I’m a big fan of my new gift wrap cart & the simplicity of organizing my wrapping supplies was a breeze once I had this bad boy assembled. I couldn’t recommend it enough!

P.S. If you’re looking to get serious about your gift wrapping skills, then you must have these tools on hand! I love the 3M double-sided tape applicator for creating “tapeless” pretty packages & the paper cutter and folder tool helps make those super sharp edges and it’s a breeze to trim excess edges.

Gift Wrapping Supplies | Modish and Main

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