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This is the year to tidy up and we’re starting with how to organize your spice drawer.

How to Organize Your Spice Drawer with Glass Jars and Chalk Labels | Modish and Main

I’m willing to bet that a lot of us are similar in that we have a drawer or cabinet somewhere in the kitchen that is filled with a bountiful amount of mismatched spice jars that results in a bit of a scavenger hunt everytime we go to  prepare a meal. Yes, even me, the obsessive organizer, had a spice drawer that was in disarray. I didn’t intend for it to accumulate into a mess, but once I started creating recipes for the blog and other websites, my “system” went down the drain (let’s be clear, it wasn’t a good system to begin with).

None the less, this is the year of decluttering every single area of my home (thank you Marie Kondo) and I’m going to share with you tips on how to organize your spice drawer that is easy, efficient and able to maintain. Let’s get started.

Every good organizing project starts with a terrible “before” photo. I suggest you take one so you can really see just how far you’ve progressed when you’re done!

As you can see, there really isn’t any kind of organization within our spice drawer. I had previously started to add a label to the top of some jars, but after running out of labels or the jars were empty, the “system” fell apart. It became a game of “pick up a jar, see if it’s the spice you want, put it back, grab another and so forth” until you found what you were looking for.

I also couldn’t stand the mismatched jars. Most would be able to fit standing up, but then there were a handful that had to be laying down, plus there’s always that oddball canister that sneaks in there. It just wasn’t working. It was time to organize the spice drawer once and for all.

How to Organize Your Spice Drawer with Glass Jars and Chalk Labels | Modish and Main

In order to achieve an organized spice drawer, you’ve got to start from the beginning. There are no shortcuts. First, go ahead and order these glass spice jars with pre-printed labels from Amazon. Since each set comes with 20 jars, I ordered 2 sets for a total of 40 jars. Yes, you’ll have an excess amount of labels, but I’m sure you have a friend who’ll let you start organizing their spice drawer too.

In the meantime, while you wait for your spice jars to arrive (thank you 2-day Amazon Prime), remove all existing jars & canisters from your current drawer or cabinet. Wipe down the interior and add a non-stick drawer liner. This will prevent your jars from sliding all over each time you open and close the drawer.

The next task is to go through each and every one of your spices and discard any that are expired. This may be very eye opening to some of you when you realize just how quickly spices expire. From what I’m told, the best quality spices don’t have a long shelf, but that’s ok. Now with these glass jars and an organized system, you’ll see what you have and use them more efficiently.

When your box of spice jars and pre-printed chalk labels arrive (don’t worry, they provide a bunch of blank labels as well), go through and take note of which labels you’ll be using and how many blank labels you’ll need.

How to Organize Your Spice Drawer with Glass Jars and Pre-Printed Labeled Stickers | Modish and Main
How to Organize Your Spice Drawer with Glass Jars and Labeled Stickers | Modish and Main

Using the funnels provided, start to decant your existing spices into the new glass jars. Add the circle label to the lid and the rectangle label to the front of the jar. I worked in alphabetical order to keep things more organized and streamlined as I went.

What you’ll also find is that you may notice that there is a label for a spice that you want, but don’t currently have. Simply attach the labels and make a separate note of which spices you need to buy. I suggest finding a local spice shop that way you only need to purchase minimal quantities.

How to Organize Your Spice Drawer with Glass Jars and Chalk Labels | Modish and Main

I personally didn’t prefer writing with the chalk markers provided. If you want a bit more of a finer tip like you see here, I suggest using a Sharpie fine tip oil-based marker in white. The marker dried quickly and didn’t smudge. This was super helpful for those longer spice labels like Everything Season.

Once I got all the spices poured into the new glass jars and everything labeled, I stuck them back into my clean spice drawer (still alphabetical but from right to left). It was surprising to see how much more room I had in the drawer now with everything being in uniform jars!

How to Organize Your Spice Drawer with Glass Jars and Chalk Labels | Modish and Main
How to Organize Your Spice Drawer | Modish and Main

I can’t tell you how happy I am now that I’ve organized my spice drawer. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it’s much more functional now and I’ll waste less spices knowing what I have. Another great thing about using glass jars is that they’ll help keep your spices fresh for a longer period of time & you’re reducing your plastic consumption because they’re reusable.

Now that you’ve all probably watched the new Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, one of your next projects will be to organize your spice drawer. If you tackle this organizing project, please share it with me on Instagram so I can celebrate with you!

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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